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How do I convince my bf to get a dog?

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    @MissMJ – our oldest dog has recently been diagnosed with Cushings. We still haven’t found the right medication to level out the hormones. The first test was just over two hundred dollars, pills for 30 days (the generic ones), another test (same amount) only to find the generic don’t work so onto the name brand meds for 30 days, then another test only to find out it pushed him into Addisons so ordered same meds different dosage. After 30 days on that, another test to see if it’s the right meds (this is where we are now). Then the meds are around $65/month along with his arthritis medication…sigh…we love him and thankfully can afford all the testing but damn it’s a lot.

    So yea, LW, I’m with everyone else: Don’t get a dog unless your both on the same page and can afford the expense.

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    You can’t convince him to get a dog and you shouldn’t try. Getting a dog when one of you is less than enthusiastic about it is not fair to either the human who doesn’t want to care for a dog, or more importantly, to the dog.

    Is there any way you could fill your need for canine company without involving your boyfriend, like volunteering at a shelter?

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    why isn’t it the right time? financially, upcoming trips, too much work to take care of a puppy? allergies? dogs are a lot of responsibility, but between two people it’s ok. dogs bring your home so much joy and love. maybe start fostering dogs with a local shelter? you could get an older dog that is already trained. or go visit some puppies that are available with your boyfriend and see if he falls in love? my husband LOVES dogs but thought it was too much responsibility so I definitely pushed him into it. I was not a “dog person” but like to be outdoors and exercise, now i am still not a ” dog person” but am madly in love with my dog.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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