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How do I properly communicate with women?

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    @Fyodor Too funny!

    Our older women like them because they aren’t violent, they don’t have blatant sex, they don’t have foul language and they have a happy ending. They like Amish books for the same reason.

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    avatarSea Witch

    Gahhh! I’m an over-60 woman and I can’t stand those Hallmark movies. Give me a mystery or some science fiction any day.
    They all seem to follow the same cookie-cutter plot.

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    My husband and I love the Hallmark/Netflix holiday movies. We’ve joked about coming up with a Hallmark movie bingo card. Scrappy small business? Overly picturesque winter carnival? Fictional European nation, in which the foreignness is indicated by British accents. 10+ Christmas trees in one house, gingerbread/cookie decorating scene, obediently sweet child meant to elicit sympathy for one character or another, token best friend of color…I’m sure I’m missing a few but you get the idea! 😀

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    Robert, update please. Tell me you met a young widow who needs to procreate within a short timeframe or she loses her inheritance. She loves Christmas and mini golf and interesting burgers.

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    I miss this thread.

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    I took a few more selfies today, in this doc. I saw that the forums were back up for me to read your suggestions, so i tried my best to take them into account.

    It seems to me as though the lighting in some of these photographs makes it appear as though I did not shave, even though I did. What do you think?

    I will be taking some more on Saturday, I will be going to another event.

    Wendy: Thank you for the Tinder / Bumble version. I saw it was edited, but with the forums down I had no clue who to thank. I should have known.

    I saw what you did, emphasized one single point. It makes sense now that i read it. I actually still had to parse slightly. I counted; Bumble has a 300 character limit, Tinder is even a little less (like around 250, so I’ll have to eliminate a whole sentence for that one).


    You have nice eyes and great skin, and a great selfie will play up these features.


    You have kind eyes, Robert, and a nice smile.

    Thank you both so much for the kind comments.

    Copa, MoneyPenny: There was no one else around at that moment.

    Anonymousse, Skyblossom: I did glance at some of those links. Granted, I didn’t read them in 100% detail, but I had the opportunity to take a few selfies wearing date tops, so I grabbed it.

    I did read an article, I cannot remember where exactly, that taking a photograph at a slight up angle can make someone look more trustworthy, but the consensus on here (from actual people) seems to disagree.

    Sea Witch:

    They all seem to follow the same cookie-cutter plot.

    Yes, there is a certain amount of that, but I find that i still enjoy them. Just me, I guess.

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    Wow. Just wow. I’ve just binge-read this entire thread throughout the day, and what a wild ride. I had some very frustrated things to say to you, Robert, for the first two or three dozen pages of responses, but then . . . you seem to have finally internalized a good deal of what you were being told. Whew!

    As far as the pictures go, the selfies are getting better, but for the love of God, please stop with the straight-on angle! That’s not a good look for anyone, and kind of looks like a mugshot. What you want to do is hold your phone (please tell me you’re taking photos with your phone, not a camera, and that you’re using selfie mode so you can see how the pic is going to look before you click the button) with ONE hand, higher up than your head, and slightly out to the side so that you’re turning your head to look at it. Don’t face it full-on, but get more of your face in there than just a profile. And like others said, look at the viewfinder rather than the screen when you take the photo. Trust me, these things alone will improve your photos at least 50%.

    Also, I personally like your last photo the best. That little smile reminds me of Christopher Eccleston when he was on Doctor Who.

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    You have the right idea with those selfies, don’t get me wrong, but the holiday season is going to be over before you figure out how to take a flattering one. In the month since this thread has been up, you could have had a professional shoot done and probably had dates by now.

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    I agree with Kate. In the time this thread has been up there has been improvements but think of how far you could be of you’d just hired a student to take some pictures of you. Or consulted a dating coach. Or finally made an appointment with a therapist?

    Yes, the selfies are better but you need the arm elevated looking slightly down, head tilted as JC said. You’re close.

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    Hi Robert, I think we’re in the same city (I remember somewhere saying you’re in the burgh and it looks like some of your photos were taken on Mt. Washington). I have a portrait photographer friend in the south hills who is great and very reasonably priced. Hell I’m tempted to come take some of photos of you myself, it’s always easier when you’ve got a friend to take some. I also still recommend buying a selfie stick, it can really help you angle the photos in a flattering way and from the right distance. If you’d like the name of the photographer I’ll send you her website.

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    Omg Golfergal, it would make my year if you would meet up with Robert tomorrow and just take the cell phone pics and get it over with. DW Meetup!!!

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    I have similar hair, eye, and skin coloring to you, Robert, and it is really difficult for me to photograph well. I can look washed out, and it’s important to get the right angle. Straight-on doesn’t work well for me, I have to turn slightly to the side. Also, overhead fluorescent mall lighting doesn’t help anyone, especially as we get older.

    I think if you had a photographer who really knew what they were doing, an up-angle could make you look taller or something, but otherwise it’s just going to make us look like we have a belly or double chin or jowls.

    Please take up on her intro to her friend. It’s really important to get this right and you still have a few weeks left of holiday season.

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