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How do I properly communicate with women?

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    I second the recommendation on reading the book Attached! I gave my boyfriend an ultimatum back in June of work on his issues in therapy or I’m out and his therapist immediately assigned us the quizzes and book. It was a complete gamechanger for our relationship – my boyfriend was Avoidant and I was Anxious which is not a good combo. If we were both to take the quiz again we’d both classify ourselves as Secure – all it took was a few therapy sessions for him, a book and everything clicked! (I was in therapy for years before and have a diagnosed anxiety disorder that I take medication for so it really was get his shit together- we never did couples therapy bc everything came together after his sessions). Read the book and find a therapist to work on yourself – most of us in here have been to therapy and it’s so useful.

    And also the photos are great! You look really handsome and the outfits look current.

    Oh and get the smartphone – that’s step 3 (or 1 or 2).

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    Great job with the photos!

    I like #1 for the full casuals. Also, 7, 10, 11 and 16.

    For the headshots 13.

    Dressy #56.

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    This is an article about the difference between compatibility and chemistry.

    The things you have in common like interests and goals are compatibility. Chemistry is something harder to define. You can’t tell if you have chemistry until you meet in person. You can’t tell whether you have chemistry by looking at a photo or profile or by texting/messaging or talking on the phone. You can only see if you have chemistry by meeting.

    The profile and photo can give you an idea about compatibility. If that seems okay then you move on to meeting to see about chemistry. Most of the time you won’t have chemistry even when you are compatible. A good relationship needs both. To find a compatible person with chemistry requires meeting a lot of people. That means a lot of brief coffee/ice cream dates.

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    The photos are a million miles better! I like the 12/13 too and #16 in the second group as well as your picks. #55 I don’t like as much. These will make an incredible difference. I might lose the Santa one,but that is just my “meh” interest in the holidays. You look so much more comfortable,approachable and attractive!

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    I like your photos because you look relaxed and like you are having fun. They make you look approachable and like it would be fun to meet you.

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    Thank you for the kind words on my photographs and poses. I’m running late tonight, so I’ll try again tomorrow to respond to your comments. I’m working on uploading some things to Bumble.

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    Agree w/ 12 + 13

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    Any updates, Robert? How’s it going with the new profile + new pics?

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    Robert, wyd?!

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    I was thinking about this thread yesterday and also wondering how things are going with Robert. 🙂

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    24/7 Christmas events right now.

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    BoF* and I took SoF** to the “Winter Village” in our city’s downtown. They had rides and shops and whatnot set up. I think that BoF liked it because it looked like the downtown of one of the fake small towns in her garbagey Hallmark movies.

    *Bride of Fyodor
    ** Spawn of Fyodor

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