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How do I properly communicate with women?

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    Robert is totally 100% invested in the holidays right now. Love can wait another season!

    Full disclosure, I watched the Netflix holiday movie with Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis, the one where it’s in Africa. It wasn’t bad. But it also wasn’t great.

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    A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby is coming out.

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    @ktfran Hahaha. I keep seeing previews for that movie and I’d totally watch it. December gets kinda rough for me at work and I can’t check out until next Friday. 😐 Once I do, I plan to do so with a drink and a dumb movie on my couch and that movie is on my list as a serious contender.

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    We literally have fifteen or twenty Hallmark Christmas movies on our Tivo.

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    I’ve still got to watch the second “Christmas Prince” movie. My husband and I are losing so many brain cells watching holiday dreck this year – but sometimes a person needs brain candy! He’s out of town right now so I’m not allowed to watch it without him, lol. At least Lifetime has a lot more lead actors of color this year – usually the only person of color in a holiday movie is the sassy best friend character. If anyone is looking for a good kids’ film, “Klaus” on Netflix was cute.

    Our city’s annual holiday festivities were last Saturday – a traditional parade during the day, a boat parade at night. My daughter and I were exhausted after one day of that, and spent Sunday catching up on laundry, groceries, baking, and holiday movies. I seriously can’t imagine how tired I’d be if I were doing the parade thing nonstop for 4-6 weeks. Of course, since becoming a parent, I’ve reordered my priorities.

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    @Copa, that sounds like a lively Friday in!!

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    I’ve been thinking about this thread too and wondering if the new pictures & profile have gotten any hits. Any updates, Robert?

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    He’s put off dating until next year, I assume. He said he takes off work for weeks for the holiday events. I assume those are more important than a relationship. I would love to be wrong about that.

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    I had the exact some thoughts Anoymousse. Not only is Robert busy with the holiday’s, he has to pre-screen every potential date with phone calls. Totally not conducive to this time of year. Although, meeting up at a holiday event for a couple of hours would make a great first date. Just saying.

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    Saw this on SNL and thought of Robert immediately!

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy
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    Hello, all. I know I am way overdue for a post on here. Correct, I was concentrating on Christmas things, like I usually do. My parents became ill for a little while right after, too, so I had to deal with that.

    I was on the apps, though — I did not take a break. The new profile and photographs did lead me to more conversations — but, also, more drop offs. Part of the reason I kept putting off posting is because I really wanted to share some good news with you all, so I tried waiting for some, but it never happened. I even used a GPS spoofer so that I can match in an area where I knew I would be the following week, to widen the pool, and even that did not lead me to meetings.

    I got one actual in person meet out of all of this — and she is not messaging me anymore. I took your advice, and did not ask anyone for a phone conversation. Actually, ONE of the women DID ask for a phone conversation, it lasted 5 minutes. The only thing we talked about was my job (she asked what I did), then she claimed she had to take another phone call coming in. I never heard from her again. She would not return my messages.

    Another one I communicated with briefly indicated that my not having social media accounts was a dealbreaker for her. How shallow!!

    Three others agreed to meet — then immediately ghosted me.

    I was so looking forward to having some good news to share with you. But I at least wanted to fill you in on the situation.

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