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    Lol, @honeybeenicki! I used to be prone to I somnia. It’s a new level now.
    We are actually out of town on a mini vacation and last night he started screaming in his sleep (nightmare) he wouldnt wake up and the volume kept increasing I thought he’d broken a limb or I don’t even know….I was so terrified. Then he woke up and fell back asleep and I was wide awake all night it seems.
    I was waiting for the slow clap at breakfast this morning. He has some powerful vocal chords.
    Sleep now while you can!

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    Yeah that really stinks AP, I had high hopes for this guy too. What a bummer, I can totally understand how you wouldn’t be keen to jump up on that high again.

    And what man throws away a women’s yoga pants?!? Do they not know they are the precious!?

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    Addie PrayAddie Pray

    You know, throwing away the pants would have been less offensive. It may have been a quick, thoughtless toss in the can. But to go dig out the pants (I had planned to get them on my next trip out there – this weekend, which has been canceled, obviously), put on your shoes and coat, hop in the car, drive them to Goodwill, and hand them over took time and thought! For some reason, I’m more fixated on these damn pants than other objectively and subjectively wayyyy worse conduct on his part. I don’t get it.

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    Addie PrayAddie Pray

    Thanks lurkers and all for continuously rooting for me – even when I keep messing up! 😉

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    That’s really messed up. It did take time and weird effort to donate those. He owes you a pair of yoga pants! I’m sorry, Addie.

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    Well to be devil’s advocate, maybe he just was going to good will anyways and grabbed them? I mean it still sucks either way, but maybe he didn’t go out of his way to do it? IDK it still seems weird but when I broke up with my ex I took a bunch of his stuff to good will vs throwing it out or returning it. I think typically when you leave something behind in a relationship, be it clothes/books/music you have to just count it as gone. I am just saying this because to alleviate some of the anger you feel at this action…but if the anger is helping then forget this and ignore me!

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    Addie PrayAddie Pray

    I’m glad you all agree; I feel better. Ok, I’m officially going to let it go. (By the way, when I asked if he’d mind sending me those, in his reply when he said I’m sorry I gave them to Goodwill, he did say that he’d go back and buy them for me and send them to me if I’d like. I did not reply to that. But who knows, maybe they’ll arrive in the mail one day? I won’t hold my breath. Ok, yoga pants, off my mind, starting in 3, 2, 1…

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    Addie PrayAddie Pray

    Really @Much, you’d donate/throw out an ex’s stuff before asking if he wants it back? That’s weird to me. It’s his. I mean, throw out the old toothbrush and ratty tee, sure. But. But, I don’t know, I’d probably ask about the ratty tee, too. Some people like their stuff.

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    I am still mad that I didn’t get my deluxe scrabble game set back from a relationship that ended 6 years ago hahaha!

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    `I think it’s pretty messed up to donate stuff immediately. I’d probably let them know it was at my place, let it lay around for months until it’s obvious they didn’t want it and then donate it.

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    Question, what do you think is worse: them throwing the stuff out, or a box of all the stuff you’ve ever given to/made for them and anything you left there showing up unannounced on your (parents’) doorstep one day?

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    We said it about 5 months in. He said it first, and we were hiking up a mountain in Colorado at the time. I didn’t want to go any further, and he was saying that he wanted me to keep going because he wanted to share the experience with me and because he loves me…I said it back right away. I wanted to say it after 3 months but I was going to say it around 6 months if he hadn’t said it first.

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