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    Hey guys. I need advice on how to make up with my friend. I’ve known her since high school and university and we got along pretty well. But when I got into a relationship my boyfriend started to complain about her and was always saying that she isn’t a good friend and that she doesn’t love me as a person because of some things she did which are a long story. It’s true that she was self-centered but I don’t see things as tragically as my boyfriend does. The thing is that he, too, made a mistake reading our conversations and ending up arguing with her which resulted in her insulting him on ethnic basis. So, he asked me to not speak to her anymore if I want to be with him. At the time I was mad at her and didn’t answer her calls but now I want to make things up and don’t know how to act. It’s pretty awkward because 6 months have passed. Should I text her or is it better if we talk in person?

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    Wow. So I’d personally not want either of these people in my life. I wouldn’t want a friend who insults people using slurs annnnd I wouldn’t want to be dating someone who reads my texts/gets into text fights with my friends/gives me ultimatums/tells me who I can be friends with.

    Though that’s not what you’re asking. I guess if I were trying to patch things up with a friend I’d call or text to ask them if they’d like to meet me in person to talk. Conversations of a certain magnitude should happen face-to-face and I’d say this falls into that category.

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    Yeesh. What Copa said.

    Maybe it’s better things happened this way so you can move on from her. She doesn’t sound that great.

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