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I can't get over him?

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    Hey there,

    I just got back from a music camp at a college and I can’t seem to get this person out of my head. I’m just confused about what they were trying to do or if they were even trying do get anything across.

    Basically, I met him when he lead a little group that I was in for getting to know the other campers. After I had only been at the camp for a day or so, this guy (he was kind of like a counselor) remembered that I was interested in writing music and so he wanted to introduce me to someone who just graduated with that kind of a degree. I was surprised he remembered that I wanted to do that since there were so many people there. 

    A little later and he came up to me and said how he heard that my talk with the graduate went really well. He also said if I wanted to get in contact with the person he introduced me to or if I had any questions I could just ask him. I was happy he was so helpful, but it just seemed strange that he would go out of his way to do these things. 

    Then the next day I remember I was getting food from the cafe and I saw him standing in line somewhere. He was getting his food and I remember thinking we probably wouldn’t interact since he was busy. I went to get silverware and I heard him say my name. I turned around and he was right there. He kinda was making sure he got my name right. I asked him how he was and he did the same for me, but then after I said “I’m good.” I WALKED AWAY. I’m still upset with myself because I feel like I could’ve talked with him for a while. He seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. He didn’t seem distracted when we talked, and he always held eye contact.

    Later that night we had a little party to kind of finish of the camp. He ended up close to where myself and my group of friends were. We looked at each other a few times, but I don’t know. Maybe I’m just looking way too far into this?

    Well, now I can’t seem to get him out of my head. The worst part is I found out I think he has a girlfriend. I must be making any bit of interest he had for me up? I guess I’m just wondering if I’m being too hopeful to think he does have interest in me? Am I overreacting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

    Thank you! Sorry if this is way too long!  (Also, he’s about 22 and I’m going into college. Not sure if that helps, but just for reference) 

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    He sounds like a good counselor? Nothing you wrote screams that he’s interested in you. I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Sometimes when you’re into someone, the slightest bit of interest seems compelling and like it means something. But hooking you up with someone you share interests with doesn’t mean there’s romantic interest. He thinks you’re smart and cool, and knew someone involved in what you’re into. That literally what he’s supposed to do. That’s actually what good people/friends do, they connect people with similar interests just like that.

    There’s an off chance I’m wrong, and that he is a little interested but he’s kind of a counselor? He’s probably not supposed to be romantically involved with campers. And he’s got a gf. So…enjoy the feeling of having a crush and look for similar attributes in dudes your own age. There’ll be a lot of guys at college. Especially if you’re going to a school for music.

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    Very true. When I wrote this out I think I could tell more that he wasn’t actually interested. Thanks for being honest and helpful. Now I just gotta figure a way to stop thinking about this.

    It’s never easy for me to get over people. Thank you again!

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    When I was younger, there were many times that I read too much into things and thought someone was showing interest and they weren’t. Since nothing really exceptional happened and he has a girlfriend, I’d assume he’s just a friendly person.

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