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I don’t want to live in fear

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    But I am scared. The US is literally a scary place.

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    It is time the democrats co-opted Trumps words and used them against him.

    Mr. President. Make America great again, stop the shooting.

    Mass murders aren’t great.

    Mass shooting country of the world isn’t great.

    Racism isn’t great.

    Also time to apply the phrase lock her up to real criminals which will mostly be lock him up. That would help to ruin the phrase for Trump and his MAGA followers.

    Time to chant it outside the jail where these guys are held. Every time someone does something in the name of Trump or racial purity it is time for chanting lock him up.

    It is time for the democrats to get their act together and I don’t see that happening. They need to quit sniping at each other and all go after Trump.

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    It’s okay to feel sad and scared, I think. I keep trying to remember that anger is theorized to be fear. The mass shooter in the more recent killings both felt afraid society has gone off the rails. The shooter from Dayton was a socialist who killed his sister, first. I think he thought he was doing her a favor. Life is what we make it. Gratitude is practice, learning or creating focuses the mind, and there are good things among the insanity.

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    The US is a scary place. We’re going to have travel warnings, if we don’t yet. Mexico is looking into litigation. This is us- 2019.

    I hope everyone fucking votes.

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    Screw guns and the second amendment. Get rid of guns. Children’s lives are more important. We are losing innocent people everyday. If you travel outside the US, people think it is preposterous that in the US, the solution to gun violence is adding more guns to the mix. A lot of these shooters would have passed background or mental health or criminal checks– that is clearly not the solution. Get rid of guns.

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    Yeah I mean, this happened in a Walmart in Texas, where all kinds of people were probably carrying unconcealed weapons. Everyone is armed down there. Walmart is not a gun-free zone. Obviously this “more good guys with guns” thing is bullshit.

    I think Americans in rural areas, farms, should be able to have guns, sure. They have uses. But oh my god, WHY anyone thinks a person should be able to buy an automatic weapon, in a city no less, what in the actual fuck? The only purpose of that kind of gun is to kill people.

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    Until our Politicians and their families start getting gunned down daily. Nothing will happen. Nothing. Especially under this asshat of a President. Meanwhile the demoCAN’TS talk a good game regarding gun control. Great talking points. But what have they accomplished? Fucking nothing.
    If I wasn’t so fucking washed up, I’d leave America. As it stands now, I hope I fucking get shot next. The future is so bleak. I want out.

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    You know, I think republican lawmakers could be getting gunned down and they still wouldn’t do anything but thoughts and prayers.

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    Well, they sort of have. The 2017 congressional baseball game shooting where Steve Scalise was shot.

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    Right, I know, and I think that could happen on a larger scale, with deaths, and they wouldn’t do anything.

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    Nobody died.

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    If Ivanka got her head blown off, trust me. We’d have gun control right quick. That won’t ever happen. So neither will Gun Control.

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