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“I Found XL Thongs in my Husband’s Bag”

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    Is he an XL? Maybe he is cheating. It’s interesting that your mind went straight to the thought that he was seeing a prostitute. Why is that?

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    Generally a prank has a punchline. Someone would have said something by now, I think.

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    No lie, when I looked up George brand underwear on Google, it showed a review where a guy said their thongs are great because they fit him.

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    Do you get along with your mother in law? Do you think she is trying to cause issues in your marriage? Is she an xl?

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    Does he go to the steam room often? Because steam room, man with wandering eye and two brand new XL thongs…I would suspect they were your other half’s.

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    I think they are his and he has been wearing them and doesn’t want to tell you.

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    avatarDear prudence

    He probly would be an xl, yes-he is tall..he does not go to the steam room; &his mom loves me….& my mind went there due to an ex.

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    A george thong is a walmart brand thong

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    They’re totally his. That’s my bet.

    But if you have other reasons to suspect he’s cheating on you, you need to address those more generally, and not just because you found a thong.

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    Dear WendyDear Wendy

    I get these letters a lot – and have published and answered a couple on the main page. The LW probably found this site by googling her issue and finding one of those columns, I bet. In most cases, the thong belonged to the man – he eventually confesses this or the woman figures it out through other context clues. I would definitely bet money the XL George thongs belong to your husband, Prudence. I think on some level you already know this or at least suspect it.

    I hope it wouldn’t be a big deal to you if it is, though I can certainly understand being surprised. He may have planted the thongs in hopes you’d figure it out and ask him if wearing them is something he enjoys. You can still do that. But don’t do it until/unless you’re ready to hear “yes” and can withhold judgment.

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    avatarJames Gregory

    “He is a quite attractive tatttood Beirded man.” lol….no.

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    Is he an extra large, maybe it’s his!

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