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Dear Wendy

I have a crush on my bff's boyfriend

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    Kate, if I had had the internet when I was 13 I 100% would’ve tried some shit like that lol

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    Yeah, but she’s grown up with the internet.

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    Honestly, you are trash and your so called BFF deserves better than you and him. You deserve eachother.

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    Well, I admit you had me convinced you were a good person trying to do right by your best friend. But no, you’re hoping for permission to pursue this. DO NOT PURSUE THIS. Say he actually does like you more than his girlfriend (he doesn’t) and breaks up with her tomorrow to be with you (he won’t). How do you think she’ll react? Do you think for one minute she won’t assume he wasn’t cheating on her with you? Do you think for one minute that she won’t feel hurt and betrayed that her best friend stole her man? Do you thhink she’ll be happy for you? No, she will not be happy. She will hate you. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BEST FRIEND. And what’s more, you’ll lose her over some scumbag who inappropriately texts his girlfriend’s friends behind her back. Even if his initial intentions were friendly (they weren’t) and he wasn’t trying to cheat (he was), it was on him to establish firm boundaries when the lines started to blur and the texting and calls became too much. He didn’t. That makes him a bad boyfriend and a bad person. You want to date that? How could you begin to trust someone like that?

    Having a crush on someone doesn’t make you bad. But what you are thinking about doing will. Don’t cross that line. If he leaves her for you (again, he won’t), you will have stolen your best friend’s man. If he doesn’t and you fool around behind her back, you will be betraying your best friend on an unforgivable level. Both will make you a garbage human being. Don’t do it. Distance. Space. You sound young; believe me, there will be other guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 13 through 16 (of 16 total)
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