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Dear Wendy

I have a MAJOR crush on my married boss!

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    Sarah b

    Makes no sense

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    Avatar photoRaccoon eyes

    Amazing, everyone. &&&!! I was around early and trying to be helpful…way before the fuzz was called. I think I’ll poke the bear a bit myself-
    So, Sarah b, what does age have to do with compulsively reading this site, and how exactly should those of us above the age of 23 be spending our days?
    Also, you are mean. I’m reporting you! To the Meanie Police! They’re going to be looking for you!!!
    Now to the more important topic in this thread- cinnamon rolls. (And others, as I’ve just found out! How exciting!) My Bf and I just discovered Immaculate Baking Cinnamon rolls- so much better than Pillsbury or whatever the usual brand one would buy at the grocery store. I’d copy/paste a link, but I’m not so good w technology, and I’m on my Kindle right now. Phew, I sure wish my J.D. or Masters program had taught me that stuff!!
    (I think I just hit all the topics, right!?!? Haha! I also don’t tweet or instagram or whatever, but I’m pretty sure ##doublepunctuationisnotahabit##)

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    Paper white

    People are just monkeys with shoes. He is an alpha male and your instinct is to be available. Just remember it’s your deep ancient biology speaking, and over ride it with the sophisticated tactics of a young professional woman in a complex society.

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    Sarah b

    Umm okay raccoon eyes that’s why I clearly fucking agreed with you unbelievable

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    How did I miss this thread today? Also, who is Sarah going to report this site to? The site administrator? AKA Wendy?


    Dear Wendy,

    Your site is so mean and I am butthurt. I need to report your site to you.

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    Wait. There’s a monkey, with shoes on? This escalated quickly!

    In all sincerity, Sarah, let it go. And, if you can’t do that, then please come back tomorrow with a new topic. Please.

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    Sarah b


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    Well, @Kate, let’s just say I just wish all this dick-themed advice had come around before Valentine’s Day.

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    I’m usually a lurker, but I did feel the need to self-report as a dick choker. My gag reflex has subsided somewhat in the past 6 years with my husband but I do still gag from time to time.

    && I’ll just include a Semi-gross joke from junior high before fading back into lurkerdom: what did Cinderella say when she got to the ball?

    Hwugh!!<—that is a gagging noise.

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    Sarah b

    K the dick choking is getting old. Wasn’t funny to begin with stfu

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    That’s a little contrarian… I love a good dickchoke – especially when it comes in time for Valentine’s Day !! #Sorrynotsorry for my excellent, inadvertant pun.

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    Sarah,you’re the one who told everyone to choke on a dick. You brought this up.

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