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I have a MAJOR crush on my married boss!

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    My parents both have siblings as well, so hopefully that will help, that’s a good point. I don’t think either of my parents have wills either. My dad has told me where he wants his ashes to be scattered, but nothing official regarding his money/assets. Good for you for getting things in order!

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    Yeah, my mom and her husband already have their little spaces bought (they’re going to be cremated and put in those outdoor filing cabinet things- I can’t remember the official name for this). Which is good, one less thing I have to worry about.

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    Omg way to take this thread to funeral arrangements. Well done!

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    * jointly bows with @MsMisery *

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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    So, I was out of town this weekend and not really spending any time in the Internet, but between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I’ve finally read all 79 pages of this ridiculous forum thread!
    Geez. That was some damn entertaining craziness.

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    Tell me about it. I’ve been sitting in class trying not to chuckle too loudly. When grad school biochem classes get tough and I’m hating my life, it’s the perfect schadenfreude.

    Thank you all for being the best distraction.

    ….that being said, I’ll probably still binge watch Couples Therapy. Just, y’know, if make sure.

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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    Also, I got a song totally stuck in my head during this thread. And it wasn’t ‘Anything Can Happen’

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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    (Any other JoCo fans on DW? He is amazing)

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    Logged in and commenting to see if I can edit it…

    Dumm dee dumm…

    Ok, I can edit this. Score. So I have to be logged in when I made a comment to edit it later, which makes sense.

    Also, I haven’t been able to remember my DW password for ages, so this was motivation to reset it.

    7.5 hours later, I can still edit it.

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    Avatar photoAddie Pray

    It’s really upsetting to me that we’re at only 79 pages. Why not 80? Why not 90 or 100? Come on!

    In other news, I’ve been up since 2:30 am. I had this court hearing this morning and I woke up because I was thinking about what to say, and I was practicing saying it in my head. Do you do that sometimes? You lie there and think about what to say and it always sounds so good and then you hop up and write it down and you get stuck? Anyway, I thought about it from about 2:30 to 5 and then I thought “that’s it! that’s brilliant! i should go write these thoughts down so i have notes with me during my statement.” So I drove to work in my pajamas (you know, because no one is in the office that early and I was only going to pop in, write this out, print copies (no printer at home) and I also needed to look for a couple of documents anyway). The idea was to go home before court because I live near court so the walk is shorter and i could just park in the metered spots near work – they don’t start charging an arm and a leg until 8 am. ANYWAYZZZZZZ, it took longer than I thought and I was still in the office in my PJs when *oh shit* people started to arrive, so I just hurried up and drove home where I got ready for my 10 am court appearance. All that to say, I’m sofa king tired. And are we at 80 pages yet?

    Also I think it would be so amazing to be a judge. Someone appoint me.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    We need to get this to 80 pages. We just do.
    Addie, I can’t believe you went to work in your PJs. Even if it was at 5 am, before anyone else was there. It’s so… daring! What would you have done if someone had been in the office? What if someone else came in early and saw you?
    You must be exhausted. You should eat a #cinnamonroll and hit the sack nice and early tonight.

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    Avatar photoStonegypsy

    Funny story (well… to me)
    I was working on Christmas Eve, and this guy comes into our office looking really down and wearing his pajamas (batman pajama pants = awesome). Turns out he was the only one in the office that day so he figured he could get away with being in PJs, but then he went to the bathroom and locked himself out of his office, so he was trying to find the maintenance guys or the building manager to open it, but no one was working, so he had to skype his boss (I let him use my machine) and his boss had to drive 30 minutes to unlock the door for this guy, who was not dressed for work. I felt so bad for him

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