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    @coconot and others who are weirded out by American burial practices, you should look into green burial. It’s a growing trend right now. It’s burial in a more natural landscape without the use of embalming fluid, fancy-ass caskets, or vaults. Sometimes there is no marker and you are just buried in a field or forest. It’s a pretty cool return to the old way of doing things. GreenBurialCouncil.org is a good place to start researching.
    This is what I’m writing my thesis on, so I’m the weird burial girl.

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    Avatar photoothy

    What kind of degree are you doing for that to be a thesis topic? Environmentalism? Just curious.

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    Avatar photoEttakit

    I’m getting a dual masters in American Studies and Environmental Studies. This topic seemed like a good way to combine both and bring in my obsession with visiting cemeteries and looking for dead relatives.

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    @Ettakit, I read about some of the green methods when I read Mary Roach’s book “Stiff.” Some places actually have LAWS AGAINST green burial because oh noez, an actual natural dead person in the ground is weirder/grosser than an embalmed dead person inside a coffin inside a concrete box in the ground. ?!?!?!?!??!!?

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    Avatar photoEttakit

    @MsMisery, I know! It’s nuts. Unless you have some kind of infectious disease that can contaminate the water table there’s no good reason to embalm. It’s just become part of the normal American funeral to do the whole process and some funeral homes can be big ol assholes about how they treat family. I’ve heard of people being told that the cost of a funeral can reflect the amount they loved the deceased.

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    If I die in Europe, I want to be buried unembalmed in an above-ground mausoleum. They are so cool! If in the US, though, it’s cremation all the way.

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    Avatar photoothy

    I’d be a big fan getting turned into a diamond. Then I could be some creepy family heirloom that no one would actually want, but they also couldn’t bear to throw away.

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    Avatar photoCrochet.Ninja

    looks like i completely missed this one. has anyone else wanted to go to the Body Farm ?? i would love to be sent there when i die. but hubby won’t have it :/ i told him, I’ll be dead, i won’t care! and they’ll give me back after..

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    @Bubbles, the reason your Irish friend had not heard of Irish twins….

    I’m pretty sure that the phrase ‘Irish Twins’ is an ethnic/religious slur against the Irish.

    Irish twins has to do with the fact that many Irish immigrants often had large families, sometimes with many of the children close together. So it became a way for non-Irish, Protestants to poke fun at the poor, illiterate Irish teeming on the American shores.

    You can Google the ethnic/religious slurs && treatment leveled at the Irish during their mass migration to the U.S from about the late 1800’s to the turn of the century.
    A lot of times in the U.S. we grow up hearing things that are clearly slurs and we don’t even think about their origins. I can think of quite a few slurs that people (to this day) still say and act like it’s not a big deal.
    1. jew someone down, jew someone
    2. gyp, jip someone
    3. Indian giver
    4. Paddy wagon
    5. The use of the N-word in any context
    6. Redskin
    7. Beaner or wetbacks

    Just saying… don’t continue to perpetuate the stereotypes.

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    thank you @ cleopatra jones

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    Avatar photoCleopatra_30

    Meh, although I am not totally onboard with the whole embalming thing…the egyptians have been doing something very similar for thousands of years. mummification. Sure it was probably more green then what we are doing now, except for the massive pyramid. But the current american burial ceremony is similar in the sense of preserving our dead/loved ones.

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    So has anyone seen this mummy the iceman? Dude is five THOUSAND years old. He was crossing the alps and got shot with an arrow but it’s a big unsolved mystery. He lay down and died and froze there and it was dry and cold and he mummified and then was covered by a glacier for five thousand years. Two hikers found him when the glacier started melting. They thought he was a modern hiker dude, but imagine their surprise! Once they figured it out, Italy and Austria fought over him and Italy won. They made a museum just for him and you can see him in his climate controlled chamber. The really cool part is they have all his shit: his backpack, his copper axe that proved he was a badass, all his tools, his underwear, cloak, hat, shoes, everything. By the contents of his stomach and pollen and such, they know where in the alps he lived. Google image him if you dare: otzi, the iceman. He has all his skin and his eyes and everything. Not saying he looks good, but he’s older than the Old Testament!!! Brad Pitt has a tattoo of him on his forearm.

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