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I have a MAJOR crush on my married boss!

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    Avatar photoCassie

    It creeps me out that those tree pods are shaped like eggs and the dead body is folded into the fetal position before being forced into the egg. Like, the idea is great, but the visuals will probably give me nightmares tonight.

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    Yeah, I’ve seen that before. I love it. It’s totally how I’d like to be buried. I think with cremation there are still chemicals used. I could be wrong.

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    Avatar photoCleopatra_30

    Ya the whole re birth thing is definitely there for this idea haha but also I was thinking…a dead body is pretty damn stiff, so bending it would just be a nightmare!

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    Avatar photoKate B.

    Can I say I love how this thread has evolved? Not here to add anything, just enjoying the ride.

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    My dad claims he either wants to be put into a Hefty bag and left for the garbage men, or taxidermied and posed with a fishing pole and a cocktail. I keep telling him I don’t think either are currently legal to do with human remains, but maybe, in time…

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    My boyfriend wants a Viking funeral. I wanted to be cremated and my ashes scattered in the ocean but now you all have brought up new ideas. I like the thought of being buried in the forest, no overpriced coffins, just return to nature and people can plant a tree on top, that will be my grave marker, and I want to come up with a funny epitaph. Can you write your own? I think you should be able to. What would yours say?

    Random Info: Our cemeteries are covered in sand and coffins are placed into concrete holes in the ground. So imagine: whole in the ground with concrete walls (that extend to above the ground) and floor, coffin lowered into it, concrete slab placed on top of hole that’s sealed with cement then you can put a grave stone on top of that (ain’t no zombies gettin’ out) then instead of grass (though some do have a little grass) you have white sand. – Cemeteries in the Cayman Islands

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    Avatar photoRaccoon eyes

    Oh, a Viking funeral. That would be pretty awesome. You mean with the boat set afloat and someone on shore shoots a flaming arrow onto the boat and it sails away as it burns?
    Neat, but Im a pragmatist, and pretty sure that in real life, it didnt go off without a hitch like in movies. Like, the boat would float toward other boats, or it took the arrow shooter like 4 or 15 tries to actually get a good hit, or it took like 5 different arrows to catch anything on fire, or they find the boat only partially burned the next day stuck on a sandbar, or any other myriad things. 😉
    For me, cremation all the way.

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    Raccoon eyes, that is probably true.
    There’s an interesting article in the Stranger this week talking about turning human cadavers into compost. I’m totally on board with that. Make me part of a community garden.

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    Avatar photoothy

    How about having a Tibetan Sky Burial? They just lay you out on a cliff and let the birds and wolves and other scavengers eat you.

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    Avatar photoAddie Pray

    I’m waiting for the conversation on this thread to turn back to cinnamon rolls, because I found the most delicious cinnamon rolls in a random place you would not expect them.

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    Avatar photoCrochet.Ninja

    i’m actually planning on making cinnamon rolls tonight AP! finally, after a week of wanting them..

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    I miss Sarah b. I wonder if she is still fantasizing about her boss. I wonder if he left his wife yet. I wonder how everything is going at Golden Corral. Sarah B? Check in with us and let us know #whathashappened.

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