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I have a MAJOR crush on my married boss!

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    Avatar photoAddie Pray

    Ok, no more suspense (because you were all in suspense): the best cinnamon rolls ever can be found in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois – everyone, don’t walk. Run!

    I miss Sarah b. too. What is the status, Gladys?!

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    Ok, all you cinnamon bun aficionados… How do you REALLY feel about Cinnabon? Should be banished from the earth, or guilty pleasure?? I think they are effing delicious but I can only eat one about once a year. I may or may not scrape the box when I am done >__>

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    Our Golden Coral just closed last week. Maybe that’s the one where Sarah B worked and she hasn’t posted because she and the manager ran away together.

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    Avatar photoRaccoon eyes

    Deigh, dontcha know? ANYTHINGCANHAPPEN!!! hehe

    MsMisery, I feel the same way as you, I think. I go to Cinnabon in airports only. (On the last trip we took, my bf and I discussed whether they exist outside the realm of airports… we did not come to a conclusion. We decided not to google it, and live like it is 1999 [as in, use our own smarts about it, not google it, etc.].) I get a little ticked if an airport doesnt have one. I totally lick the box too. I miiiight have pointed out to the clerk a couple times which one I wanted in the case because I wanted the gooey-est one.

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    They are usually in malls, too. I almost never go to the mall by me except for xmas shopping or if I know I need something specific, and they have a Cinnabon (plus other things you never see outside of a food court: Sbarro’s, Auntie Em’s).

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    Sarah B? Are you there? @Othy, yes, I would definitely be into a Tibetan sky burial.

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    I will have to drive by our GC and see if there’s a waitress banging on the windows yelling for her manager to leave his wife and come be hers. Or maybe sitting on the stoop muttering, “But anything can happen. ANYTHING!” over and over.

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    Avatar photoothy

    Deigh – I think you’re onto something.

    I think Cinnabons are good in a pinch, but too sweet to truly enjoy the goodness that is a cinnamon roll. But there are people out there who would do anything for a cinnabon: http://notalwaysright.com/cinnabonkers-for-cinnamon/16842

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    #chokeonCinnabon && my local bakery/café makes a sourdough coffee cake that would make ANY cinnamon roll weep with envy like the 3rd runner up at a beauty contest! OH! there’s a good veer-off-topic.. Let’s talk about the ridiculous B.S. of beauty pageants… GO!!

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    @TheGirlinME, can we talk about the deliciousness of a sourdough coffee cake? I’ve seen a recipe for one and have been seriously considering making it. I mean, I love sourdough as much as the next person but I’m not sure how sourdough and cinnamon would go together. #anythingcanhappen

    I’m not sure if my palate is refined enough to balance the tangy tartness of sourdough against the sweet pungent taste of cinnamon. I just don’t know. 🙁

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    @Cleopatra, try it! I mean, ##anythingcanhappen, &&youmightlikeit!

    Tart and sweet can be good!

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    @CaptainsWife, I think I will. I have been eye-ing a sourdough starter set on King Arthur Flour for awhile so this would totally give me a reason to purchase it.

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