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I just quit my work place because it was too much drama and stress

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    Good Lord, if you somehow couldn’t handle the drama and stress of (gasp!) selling appliances with a mediocre boss — good luck ever surviving a REALLY, TRULY stressful gig.

    I mean… you weren’t promoted after eight months? Eight measly little months? NEWSFLASH: uh… that is actually VERY normal. 🙄

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    Yeah, this all sounds pretty typical. It’s really tough to explain to prospective employers that you quit a job because you felt your boss didn’t like you, it was stressful, and you weren’t promoted within 8 months. No one will want to hear that.

    I wouldn’t advise quitting a job without another one lined up unless you were physically ill or in danger.

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    I think it’s okay to post an accurate review on Glassdoor, but it will take a lot of these for a company to make any changes.

    Also, yes, agree, HR is not your friend. Do not go to HR to try to resolve problems with your boss. HR once helped me get promoted after my company was acquired, and they can help you with legit sexual harassment sometimes, but they are NOT the people to go to if you don’t like your boss. You’ll come out of that the loser.

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    LW you responded to some of the comments and asked how you can handle things better or differently in the future. Wendy always has great advice, but I would also recommend that you read Askamanager every day. It’s a great way to learn about professional norms and expectations. I’ve been a manager for years and I still read it every day just to check myself.

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    Thank you for your responses again.

    First of all I think many of you might be getting a wrong impression of me as a worker.

    I always did all my work. Helped customers promptly. And never ignored them where as the people I described as my managers favorites would walk away as soon as they would see a customer walking up to the customer service desk. So most of the work load fell on workers like me. And many of my other co-worker felt the same way as me and tell me that it was a good decision on my part to leave this job. As many of you know christmas season is here so the work load is actually falling on the hand full of people who actually work. I have found work for a month some where else. And have reference so I dont need the company’s reference that’s why I burned the bridge. I think a company should know the kind of people they hire especially a manager who runs a department essential to the company. And I’ve also read many bad reviews of the company on websites like glassdoor and indeed.

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    I don’t what you’re like as a employee, but you have to stop focusing on what your other coworkers are and aren’t doing. Do the job to the best of your ability and stop comparing everyone else to what you think they should be doing. All you can do is control your behavior, and output. Analyzing everyone else is probably not part of your job.

    #860593 Reply is a really great resource.

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    LW, i’m glad you’ve realized that glassdoor and indeed are helpful to research before accepting a job somewhere. Hopefully that helps you in finding a healthier work environment.

    Regarding your initial post, i think your expectations that they would email you regarding your complaint email was not realistic. You state that you were a week away from your last day so were still an employee, technically true but also you’re already half way out the door at that point. Forwarding to the VP was also a bold and bad move considering all of your complaints were small and not of the illegal nature.

    As everyone’s stated you want to leave a job on the best terms possible. When this manager proved to not be a good fit for you, you should’ve looked for work elsewhere and left gracefully. Just a note if there’s a next time.

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    EVERYBODY always somehow thinks that they alone work harder than EVERYBODY else…

    Oh, sure. Sometimes it’s very much true. But it can’t always be true now, can it?

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    Just something to keep in mind… for the future… if this becomes a pattern…

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    “ Forwarding to the VP was also a bold and bad move.”

    Yes. Don’t do that again. That was foolish.

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    I’m not really sure what point you are trying to get across. This thread is for advice not criticism.

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