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I keep getting chased down the road by my neighbors dogs, what should I do?

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    I have to walk down the road to my grandma’s house at least once a week. She’s old and it’s too exhausting for her to do any heavy/hard work, so go I rake her leaves, feed the dog, and help her carry heavy stuff whenever she needs it.

    My next-door-neighbor has big dogs in her front yard, pit bulls I think. A lot of times as I’ve walked by her house, the dogs see me and run out to the road barking loud. I freeze for a second, then start walking away slowly, and sometimes they follow me, at which point I start calling for the owners and running fast. Once I’m about 20 ft. away from her property, they go back inside.

    I am afraid that I am going to get my nutsack bitten off one of these days. I told her son who’s a year younger than me to tell his mom about this, and he said he did. I walked by about 2 times, and the dogs weren’t in the front yard, so I thought I was safe. Then I walk by again and the same shit almost happens again (I started sprinting as soon as I heard barking).

    I told my grandma I wanted to roll up and shoot those dogs, but she said the humane society would come after me any way they could. My brother also said to shoot the dogs, but after hearing that, he told me to call the police and tell them I HAVE to walk that way, and it’s a real dangerous hazard.

    So WTH do I do here? It’s like these dogs have some sort of personal vendetta against me. I really do wanna call the cops, but I don’t know if I’d be able to prove anything or if they’d bother with this case at all.

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    Uh huh. Shooting a couple of dogs who sometimes come out of their yard and follow you for 20 feet and then go back inside makes TOTAL sense. Once again, you and your family with the great ideas.

    Your *grandmother* should talk to *her neighbors* about keeping their dogs in the yard. Adult to adult.

    If they don’t, it’s up to *your grandmother* to mention it to them again and then make a complaint to *the local police.*

    If nothing happens then, maybe your mom will need to drive you over there. Or maybe instead of running, which is absolutely the wrong thing to do with dogs because they’ll chase you, carry some dog treats with you when you go over there. Frankly, the fact that these two dogs haven’t chased you makes me think they’re pretty well behaved and not dangerous.

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    Every time you walk by throw hot dogs at the dogs. Call animal control before you shoot them. I can’t believe someone told you to just shoot them. Think it through. You would be aiming a gun at someone’s house. If you hit a person in that house you would be on trial. God I hope you don’t have access to guns

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    I understand your fear but the solution you propose is crazy (shoot them???). You should write a printed and recommended letter (that the receiver has to sign when she receives it with a receit for you to keep as a proof that she got that letter) to the owner of this house, explaining the problem (her dogs get out of the fence and follow people who pass by) and asking her to take all necessary action to ensure the public safety. She must reinforce her fence.
    What I would do is indicating at the bottom of the letter: copy to the police, and you send a copy of the letter to the police.
    She then should take action. At least you will have done something reasonable.
    It is a liability: the dogs could attack children or vulnerable people who walk by, so do take action – but don’t shoot wildly like this!!!

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    avatarMiss MJ

    No, you don’t shoot your neighbors’ dogs. I can’t believe that has to be said, but there it is. And yes, you’d likely get in trouble for doing so. So, just don’t.

    Call animal control and report loose dogs. Most places have a leash law. They’ll ask the neighbors to abide by it.

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    Call the police. This lady can’t have her dogs leaving her property to harass passers by. I say this as a big dog lover.

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    Honestly, your grandmother should be the one reporting this. She’s an adult resident who owns or rents a home in that neighborhood. You’re also a very immature kid who has problems being credible.

    And to preserve the neighborly relationships, if she cares about that, which she should, your grandmother should say something to the dog owners first. And make notes of having done so. The date and what she said.

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    Are there leash laws where you live? You could call the police and ask about the laws concerning keeping dogs on an owners property. Do these dogs bother anyone else? Are they out a lot or is this an issue between you and the dogs? Do the dogs growl or snarl or are they wagging their tails? If they are growling or snarling I’d call the police and report them because they are a menace. Use your phone to get a video of them if they do anything aggressive, to you or anyone else.

    Can you walk around the block and skip going by this house? Even if it is a longer walk you could skip the dogs.

    Can your cross the street before walking down the street? Cross so you are on the opposite side of the street and see if they try to follow.

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    I’m just going to throw out there again how disgusting it is to talk about shooting animals who, what, followed you for 20 feet. I hope you do get away from your family and become a better person out in the world.

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    Hunter, you need serious help. Shooting to kill the dogs should not even be in the top 100 ways to fix this issue. It shows you truly have serious issues. Please reach out to your counselor at school.

    The humane society isn’t going to come after you, the police will. The neighbors could even sue you and your family.

    Have your grandmother or mother call the neighbors and discuss this. They can then escalate if necessity. The only way you have tried to fix this is to mention to the neighbors son, which may or may not have actually be communicated to the adult neighbors. Don’t be an idiot. Tell your mom to call them or go over. Don’t start a war with your neighbors. Approach it the right way, just ask them to keep them secured. Don’t immediately dial it up to animal cruelty charges and land in prison.

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    Fuck a leash law, there’s a law that says you can’t be 17 walking around with a gun. So once again, like with 80% of your ideas, you’d be in jail and your ma would go broke and be on the street.

    Yes, I looked it up and it would be a felony for you to carry. You have to be 21.

    Almost everything that comes out of your brain/ mouth is violent, dirty, sexist, disrespectful, illegal, or plain idiotic. That is why you have such serious social problems.

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    Kate, this is his next door neighbor, not the grandmother’s. He’s seventeen and has a legitimate safety concern. He’s entitled to call the police.

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