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I keep getting chased down the road by my neighbors dogs, what should I do?

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    Yes, the setup is plausible, but because it’s Hunter and all his stories have elements of fiction, I don’t believe it happened the way he says. And that is why no one’s calling Animal Control.

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    Anonymousse I thought that too. The post states they followed to the edge of the road and then stopped, which made me think there’s a fence around the property – whether physical or an invisible dog fence. So calling animal control, etc would be useless since the dogs can’t actually hurt anyone, and probably don’t even want to. Shooting innocent animals fenced into their own yard because they bark and/or follow as you walk by is horrifically cruel. I can’t tell if Hunter thinks we’ll think he’s a badass and is bluffing, or if he’s displaying a really disturbing turn towards violence, along with the narcissism and lying we usually see. I was hesitant to post because it seems he wants the attention regardless of what we say

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    Seriously, if dogs are actually dangerous, and a kid is “sprinting,” they are going to chase the kid and knock him down. Running is the worst thing you can do. Dogs who (probably provoked, let’s be honest) go right back into their yard – if they ever came out of it – are well trained and not going to hurt anyone. So something seems off in the details around that. Hunter is like the boy who cried “wolf,” except he’s the boy who cried “personal vendetta.”

    The pittie who lived at one house I delivered Meals on Wheels would growl at me because I was coming down her driveway and approaching the house. It was unnerving, but she wasn’t going to chase me or anything (not that I would run from a pit bull!), she just wanted me off her property. I would just be like, “I’ve got food here, honey.” I might have asked the lady if she’d mind keeping her inside during delivery time, idk.

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    I thought the same as others in that the story doesn’t add up. Unless you run out of view/hide or there is a barrier, like a fence, the dogs will keep chasing you. Since they just stopped at the road, it leads me to believe there is some kind of fence.

    If hunter were truly in danger, his mom or grandma should either call animal control or the neighbors. Since nobody has, I doubt the full truth of the story.

    I grew up with hunting dogs. My dad spent time with them and trained them. We only had one dog at a time. One unfortunately was a bad dog, escaped through the fence and bit a total of two people. She was put down after the second incident.

    The dogs wouldn’t think, damn, hunter’s fast and I’m tired, let’s stop chasing. They’d pursue until they reached their target or someone/something stopped them.

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    FFS, DO NOT SHOOT DOGS. Seriously, what’s wrong with you that has even occurred to you as an option? Talk to the neighbor. Call animal control. Do ANYTHING other than SHOOTING DOGS. I used to think of you as some immature teenager that will probably grow out of his foolishness, but christ, this? You’re a monster if you ever think SHOOTING DOGS is okay.

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    I think we all agree that dangerous dogs chasing people is a problem that should be taken seriously.

    The problem here is that of the “unreliable narrator.”

    Given his past, where his stories are made to present him in the best possible light, often with embellishments that serve to make him look “badass” – it’s hard to read his story at face value.

    Even reading it as is, he has the dogs coming to the property line and “following” him for 20 feet before turning around. That’s, like, 8-10 steps. This isn’t the action of dogs that are viciously pursuing a target.

    Then, we have to address the idea that shooting the dogs is a reasonable course of action, not just by him, but by other adults in his life. I would cast doubt on that part of the story, but given the lack of good direction provided provided by them in other instances, I (sadly) find it believable.

    Were the dog owners even notified? Hard to tell. He says he told the son, but if it’s something in the water down there, then maybe that kid is as unreliable a witness as Hunter, and we can’t guarantee the parents were ever told. If you need to document it, I imagine you have a smartphone and can record video. Keep a record. If it’s a legitimate problem and the owners are notified and don’t do anything, you’ll have the information to turn over to Animal Control.

    But don’t, repeat DON’T even think of shooting the dogs. This pushes you from the realm of obnoxious teenager into the realm of f*cking psychopath.

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    If there is no fence, the dogs may not stay on the property. It is a dangerous situation. When I was young, my family lived in a rural community. Between our house and my Grandparents was a neighbor with an aggressive dog and no fence. The dog always barked and growled as we walked past. This went on for a couple of years.

    One day I was in our yard on the side of the house away from the neighbor’s home. As I turned around to go up to the house, the dog suddenly appeared on the path from the brush. He was growling and snapping and moving slowly towards me. Fortunately, my brother’s dog was nearby. He ran over, got between the dog and me, and chased it away. In those days, people took things into their own hands. While I was still trying to decide if I should tell Grandpa or Dad, the dog wandered onto a nearby highway and was hit by a car and killed.

    Today, I would report the situation to the proper authorities. Depending on the circumstances, talking to the neighbor first may not be the best idea.

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    Hunter is a notorious poster who often embellishes and changes the narrative to fit his prerogative. Him having his grandmother or mother contact the neighbors is the best way to deal with this issue, if it even is one.

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