Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

I slept with my bestie and blamed her for it

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    Leave her alone. You’re being incredibly selfish. You treat someone that badly and then they clearly don’t want to hear from you, and you insist on continuing to contact them. Just stop. There’s no way that anyone would trust you enough to reconnect. Move on.

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    You done screwed up.

    It’s over, there’s nothing more you can (or should) do.

    Be better next time.

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    avatarRuby Tuesday

    Now mind you, this is the least of your issues, but you can be heterosexual and have sex with someone of the same gender. Sex and sexual attraction aren’t the same thing.

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    This “she should have known that I’m not that kind of person, so it’s her fault” attitude is a perfect woman-on-woman example of why the ‘you have to believe the accuser’ approach to alleged sexual assaults on campus is an awful approach. ”

    My takeaway is this letter is proof that when people are selfish and manipulative they can justify treating others (even people they’ve known for years) like their feelings are nothing unless they personally want or need something from them.

    This letter is more evidence of why I’m inclined to believe people when someone says another person behaved in a callous manner, and why unethical people will tell you all about themselves if they don’t think you’re having a judgmental reactions to their choices.

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    You used your friend to get over your ex. You used her for her sexuality, as if every lesbian is yours to take! Then you accused HER of taking advantage of YOU. That’s SO disgusting. How dare you. Shame on you.
    TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. And leave Sally alone.

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    Also, YOU were looking for validation by using your friend. And then you throw all this homophobic bullshit at her. I mean I’m at a loss for words here… Truly awful.

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