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    Your counselor told you to leave, you need to leave so you can be happy and have the children you want.

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    People who asked why didn’t you discuss it before are trying to understand if there was deception or someone changing their mind over time. Context is important. There is a difference in marrying someone who says they never want (more) kids and someone who says they do. What if he told you from jump kids were not an option? Then your reaction is unfair. Or what if you were just wilfully blind to the topic because you didn’t want to hear anything contrary to your dream?
    But it sounds like you did talk about it…And he lied. And then lied some more trying to run out the clock.
    You are right to leave. He has a deficit of character that cannot be fixed.
    Best of luck.
    I hope we get an update from you down the road telling us you met a man actually worthy of your love and you just gave birth to your bundle of joy.

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    Terrible situation and the guy doesn’t deserve the LW. I feel badly for the kids who will lose a good influence and will likely suffer because of that and because their dad’s an ass. Good luck LW! I hope you can try to keep up some kind of a relationship with the kids.

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Viewing 4 posts - 49 through 52 (of 52 total)
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