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Dear Wendy

“I’m having my ex boyfriend’s baby and now my current boyfriend is leaving me”

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    I used to run A LOT, every single day until i couldn’t move a few weeks in and took a single day off, about 8 miles and I stopped having my period regularly. 8 miles is a lot a day. I’m thinking it had to be a typo. Ok a side note my abs were amazing. I don’t miss being that unhealthy due to simply not being able to get enough food in no matter how hard I tried due to the amount of calories i was burning (I lifted and such too) but I sure do miss that 8 pack. Even the best athletes don’t run 30 miles a day.

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    You run 30 miles everyday? I am pregnant too. Are you a professional athlete? How has your tempo and threshold efforts felt at week 29? I am week 27 and my threshhold is not like it used to me. I’m like you, I wasn’t showing for a long time. Probably not until week 25.

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    Sue Jones

    Please consider placing this baby for adoption. You are in no position to parent right now and need to get your own life together before you can take anything like this on. And in the future… birth control! These days there are open adoptions where you can have a connection to the baby but they can be raised in another stable home.

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    LW, you came here to ask about your heartbreak. No matter the circumstances, it’s painful and it’s ok to grieve. What you’re grieving isn’t just the guy but the end of the story you told yourself about the life you could have, and that story is a very powerful one. It probably helped you cope over the past month, gave you some hope that life with baby could be “normal,” helped you keep your sanity when confronted with a massive shift in your reality and your future. Let yourself grieve the end of that story. Give yourself some physical space from the guy, even if it’s abother room. And after you’ve embraced your sadness for a few days, let yourself feel hopeful about all the things you will accomplish on your own for you and your child and all the beautiful, unexpected things that will inevitably come your way. You can do this.

Viewing 4 posts - 25 through 28 (of 28 total)
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