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    May 3, 2023 at 4:36 pm #1119926

    I love my best friend she has a terrible concussion that caused her to be partially paralyzed in her face today she had to get an MRI because of the concussion. I’m just so worried about her. She is the sweetest, kindest person I know. We went to the same preschool in Utah then she moved away in 2008 then later I moved to Texas in 2011 and in 2018 she moved into my neighborhood and we were freshmen in high school. As soon as I saw her I fell in love. At the time my parents didn’t want me dating and she had a bf but at one point she asked me if I liked her. I said yes and I don’t know what happened after that. Then sophomore year came around and she liked my best friend and he liked her and I knew that all I wanted was for her to be happy even if it hurt and boy did it. They broke up right before junior year and it was because she wanted to get to know other people in my religion. We usually date other people at 16 but they aren’t exclusive relationships. So that year my mom said I should ask her to come home so I did at the time I didn’t have my license so I thought it was weird if I asked her if I couldn’t drive, but she could and we had fun. about a month later I asked her if sometimes she wanted to go on a double date and she said that would be fun but her parents want her to go on dates with other people and she does too later that year for her 17th birthday I gave her a necklace and she said she loved it but I’ve never seen her wear it but I’m not the most observant person lmao. Later that year (about a year after homecoming) we went on a double date. She went with a different friend. I went with a common friend but I think she was flirting with me but idk. Later that night my date had to leave but we had some other friends at her house and for some reason, we were playing a game where someone would ask a question where we would go around and say who in the room we liked and she said I don’t want anyone to think anything but she said me. later that year she started dating the person she went out with that night and idk ever since she has been different but it also was like 1 month before I could finally get my license.Six months later it’s our senior year her bf goes on a mission for 2 years. (later that year she got her concussion I chose to serve a mission but I won’t leave till June 19th) but she was going to wait for him then she asks me to prom but it was over text and that’s so boring so I said there’s someone I wanted to ask but if they say no I will let you know but the only person I wanted to go with was her so I made a poster and gave her some candy and a stuffed animal and left it on her porch. 2 weeks before prom we chose to get matching shoes which was a lot of fun. we went to prom this Saturday and it was also so much fun she was normal but that night she told me that she has 5/6 of the signs of brain cancer and that night I went home and cried myself to sleep because I love her so much and she doesn’t deserve this I cried about it yesterday too but I’m worried for her I care way too much about her and she doesn’t realize how much I care about her but I have told her in the past. I just don’t know what to do anymore

    May 4, 2023 at 9:27 am #1119942

    Talk to your parents and maybe they could get you into therapy, or speak to your school counselor.

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I’m In love with my best friend

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