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I'm Planning to Run a Raffle.

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    Yeah, I do too, Ele4phant. Goddamn those CASRO rules that say we actually have to display all the fine print of how our drawings work and actually pick a random winner who gets the amount promised, without them having to put any money in!

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    Hi Hunter, I’ve never responded to one of your posts before and I’m not trying to pile on, but I do agree with what everyone is telling you. You’re placing yourself in a very precarious situation right now, one that could have genuinely far reaching consequences. Have you ever had to pay thousands of dollars to retain a lawyer to represent you? Not fun my friend and not cheap 🙂 I hope you’ll listen to the advice everyone is giving you. They have your best interests at heart.

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    Speaking as someone who was a girl in high school not that long ago, this kind of scheme would have been a big turn-off. Lying, cheating, stealing, and taking advantage of people aren’t qualities I looked for in guys when I was dating. Being kind, considerate, honest and hard-working will get you a lot further with the ladies.

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    As an adult, i would assume this raffle is a scam and not give my $ or my phone number to a teenager. Hunter, i understand that it seems like such a great idea, and how has no one thought of this genius idea before?! but it’s because as many have pointed out it’s 1) illegal 2) seen as a scam

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    I am with you Lucidity. That is exactly what I was thinking. You turn people off with scams like this, Hunter. You come across as desperate and as a guy of low/no morals and bad character. No one wants to date someone who’s thinking up ways to rip off their grandma.

    Why don’t t you use google before cooking these ideas up/using terrible language?

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    Where are my parents? My mom works pretty much all day and my dad moved out of Molokai when I was 9.

    How is it fraud if I’m still giving them a prize like I said I would? But yeah, the way I’m planning it does sound kinda dumb now that I think about it more. Maybe just do the drawing at the swap meet after a certain number of hours; it usually goes from about 7:00am to 12:00pm, and have a growing jackpot with maybe $1 going into the prize for each ticket purchase (of $5)?

    And BTW, 2 times every year around Halloween and Christmas, the community at one of my old elementary schools (the one who’s summer program I work for) has a Saturday-night dance, and they sell raffle tickets and do a number drawing for cash & material prizes. This is exactly the same as I’m doing and just as illegal, yet they get away with it!

    Is anyone curious to know all of the other business ventures I’ve tried with both success and failure over the years?

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    Nope. Not in the slightest. People just want you to understand what you’re planning is dodgy, makes you look as skeevy as all hell, and incredibly immature. Take some time to read the detail in people’s generous, painstaking and informative responses to you before you post again.

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    Yeah, chiming in to say that asking people to pay for a ticket to win something is considered a “lottery” which is gambling, and for that, you need a lottery license. Otherwise, it’s illegal.

    But listen, I don’t think you need therapy.

    I think you’re an immature teenager and that you’re learning.

    I didn’t know about lottery licenses at your age either and it wouldn’t have occurred to me. I learned about it in college when one of my projects was to plan a charity campaign. I came up with the idea of selling tickets for a draw and my professor told me I couldn’t do that because I’d need a lottery license.

    So there you go, I learned this at the age of 20, you’re now ahead of where I was.

    There’s nothing wrong with being 17 and still figuring shit out.

    But maybe what you should take away from all these threads is that, when you have a bright idea, the smart thing to do is research it a bit. And maybe run it by an adult.

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    Also, when people twice your age with twice your life experience take the time to give you kind advice, perhaps take the time to think it over instead of just getting defensive.

    I truly believe everyone here is just looking out for you and trying to offer you some guidance.

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    No, not curious, and pretty sure I made more money at 17 working at CVS for minimum wage than you’ve made from any of those.

    Did you read the 2-pager Mark linked to?

    “Are raffles legal in Hawaii?
    No. Raffles are not legal if you must purchase tickets to participate – CONSIDERATION. It is random CHANCE which numbers are called. If your number is called, you receive something of value or REWARD.
    Games where tickets are given out to everyone without them having to pay and the organizer receives no type of CONSIDERATION are legal, e.g., games promoted by businesses where you can win something and no purchase is necessary.
    If interested in this type of fundraiser, please contact your local police department to examine the legality of your ticket wording BEFORE conducting your fundraiser item give-away. Though there are no written documents on what words MUST be included on your ticket, phrases such as “donation not required to participate” are encouraged.”

    Hello? Just because an elementary school does some kind of raffle does NOT mean it’s okay for a teenage kid to do it. It’s a fundraiser for a cause, and they likely get permission.

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    Oy, you’re trying “ventures” which are get rich schemes. You’ve got a bunch of people all of whom are 10, 20, 30 years older who are advising you: Stop trying to short cut the process.

    Sure, you could invent something that makes you super rich. Go make the next fidget spinner and we’ll all stand behind that! But you’re conning people. People pay into the lottery because the prizes are big and because they’re well controlled and “fair” (I mean the odds of winning aren’t fair – but cheating the system is near impossible).

    People put in for raffles because they know the money is going to a charity or fund they support, like their local school. They expect the money to be used for that purpose and when someone uses it to buy jewelry or personal items, they get arrested and their picture put in their local paper as “Ass of the Year”.

    Get. A. Job. Go to McDonalds and fry burgers. Stack boxes in Walmart. Stop trying to justify ripping people off.

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    Sorry for the link, but I can’t get the image to embed.

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