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I'm talking to my role model tomorrow

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    I’m horrible at socializing. All of my real-life friends are ones I’ve had since I was little when our parents would introduce us to each other for us. As for online friends, I only really have two.
    And yet, here I am. I’ve found myself in a predicament where I’ll be on a live stream, talking to my role model live, in front of an audience which typically retains somewhere close to 1,000 viewers, for about 30 minutes. So, aside from the fact that I’m horrible at socializing, to begin with, I’ll be tripping over my words in front of someone I look up to.
    I know this won’t go away, and I’ll just have to get used to talking to him until it feels natural in the 30 minutes allotted for my time. However, does anyone have any tips on how to stay calm while this event is taking place? This may be my only chance to talk to him verbally, and I’d love to not mess it up.

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    This is the truth: This wouldn’t be happening unless — on some level — you were ready for it. Congrats, and have a good time.

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    Take deep breaths, and in the beginning say that you are nervous about getting to talk to him because you consider him a role model. He will be flattered hearing that and then any mistakes or flubs you may make he and the audience will understand–and if you don’t make any mistakes you look that much better.

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    Also, make sure you look well groomed (bathed in the morning, nice clothes, hair styles). A lot of people think that looks don’t matter on “live streaming”, but it does help, and knowing that you look your best can give you more confidence.

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    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it seems like it would help to have a list of questions prepared and memorized, with note cards just in case?

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