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    “Women do NOTHING but speak in fucking code” is a ridiculous sexist generalization. The truth is that among married couples there is a wide range of potential communication issues that may have to be worked out. “All women speak in code and expect their husbands to be mind readers” is such a tired cliche, like “Men do NOTHING but sit on the fucking couch and play video games and expect women to pick up their dirty underpants.” If you’re going to throw around the woman-hating cliches, at least balance them out with man hating ones.

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    1) Straight Men are idiots who apparently think more about which football game to watch than they do about making babies with random hookups.

    2) the only sense men have less than common is fashion.

    3) men have left the planet irrevocably fucked.

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    4) the 100 worst people on the planet at any given time are almost always all men.

    There. Four generalizations about men that are definitely true.

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    That’s better.

    Anyway, I’m not saying you’re a misogynistic, but the misogynistic wingnuts on here – hi Baccalieu! – think you’re a misogynist.

    Equal opportunity bashing of straight people may help with that. Keep up the good work!

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    Damn, I missed all the fun here.

    OP – your husband has learned this behavior from his mother (or parents). And he’s setting up a weird-ass exchange with you. What strikes me is that he asks for what he wants in a weird round about way (do you want to go by the pool?) and then he fucking POUTS like a child. You are not replacing his parent so that shit needs to stop.

    What I’m saying is that I strongly encourage you two to go see a marriage counselor. Not because your marriage is in trouble, but because you need a third party to help you communicate better before you have conversations like this:

    “Do you want to have a child?”
    “Yes, I would like to have a child”

    “I”m pregnant.”
    “But I thought you were being sarcastic!”

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    LW – my husband does this all the time. I just consider it part of being with him. He will ask me what i want for dinner. I will say Italian. he says ok. Then he will come back 10 minutes later and he will ask again. That is my cue that he didn’t like the first option and I keep guessing until something sounds good to him. I have tried to fix it but it still happens. Small price to pay for him though.

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    Well, this is easy. You know when he asks your opinion that really he is saying what he would like to do. That is his preference. He says: Do you want to walk by the pool? You say: Well, I want to check mail…how about we walk by the pool first and then double back to get the mail.

Viewing 7 posts - 37 through 43 (of 43 total)
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