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Intense eye contact made me fall in love

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    I need advice. I went to go see the doctor last week and he stared into my eyes the whole time. I guess he wants to make his patients fall in love with him so they’ll keep coming back. We just had eye contact for 5 minutes while he was talking and shit. Idk what to do. I’ve never been in love before and this isn’t how I wanted to fall in love.

    He is an angel…

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    avatarRuby Tuesday

    Your doctor is not in love with you. Eye contact is an important part of any profession that involves connecting with clients. He made eye contact with you for five minutes because you two were having a conversation. Doctors make eye contact with their patients to establish trust and to show they are actively listening.

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    Good lord.

    Eye contact, even prolonged eye contact, doesn’t mean someone’s in love with you. Your doctor was doing his job, like he does with all of his patients, listening, paying close attention to what you were saying, making sure you were understanding what he was saying.

    You are not in love with him. You have a crush on him, and saying that he “makes patients fall in love with him so they’ll come back” is just insulting and ridiculous.

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    This seems fake.

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    Leave a review on yelp warning others away from him. And then make another appointment and tell him what you did.

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    Wait….was it your eye doctor?
    Because then it really is true love.

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    Haha. That was cute. But you are not in love, and he wasn’t actively trying to flirt with you. So move on.

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    I expect an eye doctor to maintain eye contact the entire time they’re examining me.

    The proctologist … not so much.

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    Prognosticator- LOL!

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    Not gonna lie, this is me every time I make eye contact with anyone.

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    I have a weird crush on my OB/gyn. How could I not?! He’s an adorable nerd and he took care of me when I was at my most vulnerable. I’ve never believed he returned my feelings, that would be delusional. Look up transference and transference neurosis

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    I had a weird crush on my (female) lawyer.

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