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Is he telling me the truth?

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    Some STIs are “silent” when a woman has them – no noticeable symptoms until a few years later when she finds out she’s infertile.
    So yes, get tested, the sooner the better.
    As to what you do if you test positive, that’s easy. You take the medication that is prescribed and you dump thus fool who isn’t even smart enough to use a condom when he cheats,

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    He is telling me the truth? Does the truth even matter at this point? You’re considering marrying a person that cannot be faithful to you, possibly gave you a disease, cannot tell you the truth, and clearly doesn’t even seem very into you. I’ve been married for going on 8 years, and I can tell you that marriage can be incredibly difficult. And I am married to a really good man. I can’t imagine why you would throw good after bad and still give this guy a chance. I get that you love him. I get that this is hard. But, you need to cut your losses now. Do not further entangle yourself with this man. The temporary heartbreak is worth the long-term suffering.

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    The sex with you is meaningless that’s why he’s put your health at risk. Dump that cheating lying looser, you deserve real love

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    What to do if it comes back positive? Get treated and start cancelling wedding stuff before you can’t get your money back.

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    Consider yourself lucky you found all this out before getting married. Breakups are easier than divorces. Please get tested asap and cut this dirtbag out of your life.

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    Yeah, this whole not going to tell you he has an STD is definitely a deal breaker. I would end the engagement. Everybody saying so here is 100% right.

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