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Is my job trying to fire me without directly doing it?

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    I am a welding student straight from school. Do not have certifications but decided to try to work for a company called [Redacted]. It is a company that builds trains. I have heard a lot of bad things about this company like the fact that they fire people unexpectedly. I went through a welding program where I had to pass multiple tests. The instructors in that department really liked me and helped me out a lot.I have been working in the main Warehouse environment for 4 weeks and today I got called in the HR office. The woman told me they were going to switch me departments.she said my productivity wasn’t high enough even though I have been working my ass off every day and they haven’t given me a position yet. they have given all of the other new welders positions so they don’t have a way to monitor my productivity and I am still training. She told me that they wanted to switch me to the stainless steel department which is harder and means that I have to retest. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Part of me thinks they want me to fail the stainless steel test so I can get fired. I have heard that the coach stainless steel department is better than the department that I was in. I walked up to my boss after the HR meeting and ask him what I was doing wrong and he said I needed to be more aggressive and I wasn’t. Does this seem unfair or is it just me?

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    I may be wrong, but as a person who welds, if they are putting you into stainless steel which is much more demanding than other welded metal, it may be that they feel you are very skilful. If I were you, I’d go with it and see how things progress. In any case, keep good records of what you do in case they are being rotters, but to me it sounds like maybe you are exceptionally good and that is why you are being pushed to do this. If in doubt though, record everything.

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    I mean, it’s not a good thing when HR calls you in and gives you negative feedback. It sounds like you’re in a trial period, they don’t think you’re productive enough, and they’re putting you in the most challenging department so they can prove this out.

    You didn’t ask the right questions. You should ask exactly how productive they need you to be, with metrics. It’s important that you know what you have to accomplish in order to succeed at the job. It’s not enough to “work your ass off,” I guess – there is some standard you’re not meeting. So you should find out what that is and keep checking in on it. It’s not “what am I doing wrong,” but what are the metrics for success in this job.

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