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    And I can’t tell you how many times some new (always female!) commenter has written in with a problem she’s having, and BGM would immediately say something extremely mean, without advice. And then the OP would be like, oh, I guess that’s how this forum is, and would rip into him, calling names, often with something homophobic, and there’d be this 3rd-grade level back & forth that he LOVES, and I’d have to babysit and delete all their comments and close the thread. So yeah, don’t do that either.

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    No, I got THAT part. I was saying I was originally thrown off by the comment for the reasons other people had stated, but then recognized the meaning behind it. Trust me, if I felt like the site was hostile to me, there’s a big red X in the upper right corner I can utilize 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about BGM’s comments, and I echo the sentiments you raised; even his valid points were buried by the tone in which they were given. You can disagree with someone without calling them stupid.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    We love having you here, GuyFriday.

    I think my comment a few pages back about this site being for women was misunderstood, and that’s my fault for being inelegant in the way I phrased it. This is a site for women in that it is a space where they are safe and their experiences will be respected. This is also a space for other genders, as long as they maintain a respect for women, which nearly everyone here does.

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    I think it’s been stated many times, crystal clear, respectfully and without any confusion. No one ever said men weren’t allowed. It remains surprising to me that this is the takeaway to comment on.

Viewing 4 posts - 73 through 76 (of 76 total)
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