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  • Kylie
    December 18, 2023 at 12:05 pm #1127138

    My ex fiancé and I have split ways. It wasn’t necessarily a bad breakup, but it was one of those that we tried soo much and so long at the end that we burnt out and lost feelings, so essentially a long breakup.

    The problem is we are living together, in two different rooms. Our lease ends in May, and it’s under both our names, but he messaged me yesterday saying “… this is too awkward so I rented your room out to someone else as of January 1st” essentially kicking me out of my house. How do I go about this without starting an argument, nor getting angry at him?

    We were in the process of buying a house, but now I will be buying it solo and therefore I don’t want to start another lease since the goal is within the next few months have a house. He knew this and we agreed, and then I just received that message?

    December 18, 2023 at 4:34 pm #1127149

    He has no means of making you leave. If he wants to move out and sublease his room he’s well within his rights* but he has no ground here.

    My reply would be “I think you wrote that wrong. You made it sound like you’re renting out my room, which doesn’t make sense, since it’s my room. I assume you mean you are renting out your room, right?”

    December 18, 2023 at 5:22 pm #1127150

    He can’t take it over without your consent. Call the landlord.

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Kicked out of my own lease

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