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    I was latch-key kid- one of those, go where you want, just be back when the streetlights come on kids. I grew up with freedoms that would be inconceivable for my niece and nephew today. And I saw my first dick at ten. No, not at a birthday party. But in my neighborhood by some random guy in a car thought I’d want to see it. I didn’t. The point is, shite like that happens, it happens a lot, way more than is reported and way more than you know. And it happens anywhere. At parties, in your neighborbood, in your home, in the lunch line at school (yes, i got fondled while standing in line for school lunch with a security guard maybe 20 feet away), with someone you thought was a good friend (also happened to me), with your creepy uncle, with your friend’s creepy uncle, with your friend’s dad who wasn’t creepy at all, whatever. It happens. And there’s nothing wrong with a parent doing what they can to protect their young child. Granted, there are limits, but attending a birthday party is not exactly over-zealous helicopter parenting.

    My niece is ten and she has never seen a stranger’s dick. She’s never been placed in a situation where it was possible. I am pretty happy about that.

Viewing 49 post (of 49 total)
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