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    Hi anyone who’s reading this (sorry I’ve never done one of these before). So I’m a soon to be senior in high school and me and this guy would talk and text all the time and even hang out together. It was really nice to be around him a lot and I’m pretty confident that we both liked each other. Everything was going like a dream then quarantine happened and so we got separated and we were just left to texting.
    This guy and I would text once a week for the first few weeks of quarantine, as I didn’t want to push it texting him that much because I thought it would be a bad thing. But then things got more quiet. We hadn’t texted in a good two weeks so I shot him a simple text and it just says delivered. I don’t know if he has seen it or hasn’t but I don’t know what to do. It’s been over a month, soon to be two, too and it still says delivered. Do I send him another text or just give up on him? Or should I just wait till quarantine starts to calm down and see what happens?

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    So here’s the problem with these undefined “we’re talking” things. You don’t really know what was going on. You had a lot of hope that he felt like you did, but you never actually talked about it. It was all a lot of vague talking and hanging out, but you don’t have any idea how he saw what was happening.

    I have to be honest, it’s not a good sign that the texting dropped off to once a week as soon as you were separated. If he were romantically interested in you, it would have kept up just as it had before. Because he wouldn’t have been satisfied with just hearing from you once a week. He would have been finding ways to stay in touch more often, since you couldn’t hang out. FaceTime, Zoom, etc. Guys who really like you want to spend all the time they can with you.

    So who usually initiated the texting? You or him?

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    Sorry, no. He saw the text. Why wouldn’t he? Every high-schooler looks at their texts constantly. Drop it. Give your energy to someone who’s really into you.

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    Wait exactly two more months. That’s the magical amount of time to wait before sending a second text.

    No, I’m sorry, I’m kidding. Look, I totally understand the “I’m going to be very careful of how interested I seem so I don’t look desperate” but there’s a range of interest between texting a few times a day to only once a week to waiting two months. Once a week seems like there’s not really much interest. He doesn’t feel the same way hat you do. I’m sorry.

    I’m impressed by your patience though! I definitely would have texted a second time within a few days instead of just ….not.

    Guys will show interest. They will respond. They will contact you more than once a week if they actually like you, I promise.

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