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    I have my first haircut since January tomorrow! My hair has been the longest it’s ever been. I usually get layers throughout for body and interest, but I’ve realized it’s hard to do braids and buns with layers since they always stick out. Since I think I’m going to keep my hair long, generally, and I don’t know when my next cut is, I want to get rid of some of the layers so it’ll be easier to do buns once it’s get longer. Does anyone here have long hair with one length? Anything I can ask for?

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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    I have fairly long hair, and I know what you mean. I’ve been going to the same guy for years and I just told him I want to keep length, but need it to all go back and stay back. So, now mine is all one length with a few “long layers” right around my face. The shortest one is at my shoulders, so it stays up when I put it up.

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    I have long wavy thin hair. It’s half way down my back. My bun has become the “ugly bun” as my hair gets longer. It is a lot more difficult to work with. Its like a knob on my head. I am a round faced chick so a knob doesn’t work on me. lol I also found that buns work best on me when my hair is shoulder length. I think thick hair also helps with the full volume bun. I think accessories also play a huge part in a good bun. I have thought about going back to layers and doing something like Jennifer Anniston look but ughhhh I have black/brown hair and color fades quick and I am a cheapo when it comes to my hair. I cut my own hair and buy products of good qualify to keep my hair healthy.

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    I got one of Free People’s Super Scrunchies, which is huge, and really makes a dramatic bun or ponytail if you’re into that. Highly recommend. My hair is past my shoulders but not *long*. I used to have layers, but now it’s pretty much one length, with slightly shorter (but still long) pieces in the front for some movement. Nothing sticks out of a bun or braid. That said, I think it can look nice, if your hair is thick enough, to have face-framing shorter layers that you can leave out of your ponytail or bun.

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    Straight hair will stick straight out! Having a little bend (waves or curls) and texture (from texture spray) help me a lot to keep layers from poking out of hairstyles. So does opting into a more undone style.

    I think long layers and a face frame are always nice in long hair. For my hair, long hair with no layers isn’t a great look. You can look on Pinterest for cuts that look nice and show that to your stylist. You can also see what they recommend if you explain what your issues are. For a long time in my 20s, I had some kind of longer side bang, or on rare occasions I’d get longer/thick blunt bangs that I could wear “down” or push off to the side depending on my mood. When I grew that look out a handful of years ago, I realized that those front pieces, when they grew longer, fell in a way that looked and felt heavy. It didn’t sit in a way I liked and “heavy” was the only way I knew to describe it.I told my stylist and she understood and was able to help.

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    I’m really sorry. I know that you look to me for answers for this kind of thing but I can’t help.

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    Thanks everyone, especially Fyodor 😉

    Good call, @copa, I do have straight hair so that likely is a “problem” in terms of hair poking out. I’m a little lazy to put in curls/waves, but that would help.

    My hairdresser understood I wanted to make it more one length and she put some face framing layers. It was also so good to see her again and “catch up”, hair stylist therapy and all that.

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