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    Just hoping for some advice 🙂

    Around December time, my friend told me I had become obsessive and my over messaging him and others wasn’t normal. I did agree and because of my recent anxiety coupled with excessive worrying about others I decided to take therapy.
    I know he did it because he cared which I’m greatfull for.

    Come February I did a stupid thing…I followed his cousin on instagram by mistake and he found out. I then lied about it which made him even angrier which resulted in him telling me to leave him alone and we’ve not been in contact since. I felt like he remembered the argument in December and coupled with this however minor it was he just had enough. I have apologised since and told him the truth and I’ll never break his trust again if he sorts this out with me.

    I feel so lost without him as we did everything together. I am actually in love with him which is why it’s such a struggle. I’ve literally travelled for forgiveness over message but I can’t keep on messaging him. I’m not sure what to do now as I’m clinging onto something but I don’t know what.


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    You certainly don’t sound like you’ve moved on from your obsession over this guy if that last paragraph is true. Are you still in therapy? If not you need to get back there pronto. Whatever you might be hoping for with this guy is done and dusted, you need to block him on all platforms for your own good and find a way to fill up your time with anything other than worrying about him.

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    Why can’t you follow his cousin on Instagram?

    Okay, so yeah, of course he remembered that time in December when you were exhibiting high anxiety and messaging everyone too much.

    I’m sorry he’s stopped all contact, but in these situations, you have to respect what he’s decided (no contact) and try to move on the best you can. Call your therapist. Make an appointment. Feel better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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