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Me and my partner want to move in together

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    So me and my partner want to move in together into a place of our own together but I’m with council and I’ve been offered a one bedroom flat (which is fine because me and my partner would only need one bedroom and nothing too big to move into) but it’s only for a single person to move into and I’ve already spoken to my housing officer about this and she said that he wouldn’t be able to move in as it would overcrowd the flat and told that me that if we wanted to move in together that I would have amend my application (which basically means that I would have to make change some details on the application) but I only met my partner after I got the place and I’m not sure what to do as I’m not sure if there would be any requirements for me and my partner to be able to move in together, as he lives like 3-4 hours away and isn’t with my council and has never moved before as he is still living with his parents. I also spoke to him about this but I think he isn’t sure what to do either. And we’re in a serious relationship and if we broke up he could always move in back into his parents place but anyways he said that we would it work even if I did move into the flat that I’ve been offered. He’s also looking for a new job so us moving together would make it easier for the both of us. And I’m just wondering if I did contact my council to make some amendments to my application if it would affect me if he still couldn’t move in with me because he’s not with same council as me and we’ve only been dating for almost 5 months now and yeah, I know it might seem like we’re rushing into things a bit but we’re just going at our own pace and what feels right for us. Basically I’m just wondering if I did amend my application and he wouldn’t be eligible or still couldn’t move in with me. Would I have restart my application again? Or would I be able to make some amendments to it again. I’ve already tried finding my own resources from different websites, including the council’s website but still haven’t got any answers and I live in Wales so it makes finding the answers and resources even harder and for anyone wondering I’m with Flintshire County Council but they’re with other housing associations. Also because he would be on my application would I have to put him on my tenancy agreement? And if so what are the requirements or wouldn’t I have to put him on the tenancy agreement? Any advice or resources would be much appreciated.

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    You need to ask somebody, probably a Solicitor, or an organization which advises Council housing residents. Perhaps a poster who lives in U.K. could help you. But, yes, it does seem that you are moving too fast.

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    Your housing officer is the person who can answer these questions, right?

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    If you have an offer of a council flat, and you like the flat, I’d just go for it, and he has to have another place he stays in at least part of the time which can be his official residence, then you have good secure housing however this works out.Decent council houses are like hen’s teeth, he is relatively new, don’t miss a good place for a relationship which may or may not last. Citizen’s Advice Bureau are a good bunch to ask about this sort of issue.

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    Aside from everything else if he’s not working and never lived out of home I’d put a pin in it until he’s a bit more sorted with his life. If you do break up and his first reaction is to move back home 3-4 hours away from this job he’s supposedly looking for how committed is he to working anyway? It all sounds very half baked and like he just wants to move out of home more than anything.

    You’re being offered an opportunity that not many people get, I wouldn’t throw it away too easily.

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    Never, never, never put your good plans on hold for someone you’ve known for five months. You say it “feels right,” but I imagine this whole paperwork process with the council is not easy, and now you are about to get what you want. Do not jeopardize it for a new relationship. Get yourself stable and thriving, and give him the space to do the same for himself.

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