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    avatarDear Wendy

    In tomorrow’s newsletter, I’ll be discussing mistakes I’ll never make again (photos of bad haircuts included). What mistakes did you learn enough from already not to ever ever repeat again?

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    Date my ex’s friend. Never again.

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    Sharing a pitcher of yuengling after a couple of long island iced teas. I made many bad decisions senior year of college in regards to alcohol.

    Not having someone teach me about credit when I was in high school. Just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean you’re ready for a credit card! I grew up pretty poor and my entire town was on the poor side. No one ever took the time to teach us what credit really was and how to make a budget, etc. I wish they had!

    That if I don’t stand up for myself no one else will. Along that same vein you can’t make everyone happy and at the end of the day you’re happiness is the most important (as long as you’re not hurting others). I might still be learning this one haha 😉

    Not all friends are meant to be friends forever and it’s ok to walk away from a friendship.

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    I regret not bringing my video camera on this vacation and asking my grandpa all the questions I have for him – because people fucking die. And I love him and his days are numbered.

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    Maybe I’m still learning this, but I’ll never again get so hung up on wanting to date a guy who’s already in a relationship. If it happens someday, great, but if not, I need to know there are other guys out there!

    If I ever decide to make another career change, I will start building my resume as soon as I’m sure I know I want to be in that field. I didn’t do that with the field I want to be in now, and I’m getting rejected for people who DO have that experience.

    When I was dating a few years back, I did not give a guy a chance because I got intimidated when I felt he was getting too close and basically drove him away. Looking back, I realized he was being harmless and I wish I had tried to date him a few more times. Now, as long as a guy isn’t being an outright creep right away, I will give him a fair shot.

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    Having sex for any reason other than really wanting to… especially trying to make someone like you.

    Taking for granted that someone you dump will take you back.

    Hurting others for one’s own short term gain. That shit sticks with you far longer than any benefit you may have received.

    Hair crimping. It was the 80’s!

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    That super short haircut senior year of high school. The one in grad school was cute, but that one in high school was a disaster.

    Also, waiting on men to “come around.” I shouldn’t have to talk someone into dating me.

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    Telling secrets that aren’t mine. Letting people shame me for things that are none of their business. Letting people bully me so I can be the nice one. Mistaking niceness for kindness. Drinking all the rum. Thinking dysfunction is what true love should look like. Letting my grandpa find out my politics on Facebook.

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    being friends with an ex. Especially right away

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    Sleeping with someone in a relationship with someone else.

    Student loans. Ugh I wish I knew what the implications were and had looked at a state funded university.

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    I also had an unfortunate hair incident while in a hair show…never again (& it was right before prom, too :()

    Other things…I will never try to party like I’m 19 again. (Sometimes I forget)

    No more ex sex (that one’s easy, since I’m in a relationship, but still…terrible idea!)

    No trying to wrap a broken toe without going to the doctor. I am not as good as them & now my pinky toe is crooked 😛

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    Agree with @fabelle, no ex-sex. And along with that, no more trying to be friends with an ex.

    No more being friends with dramatic people. They are exhausting and literally make up stories to get attention.

    No more taking advice from my parents. They are Ok on most stuff…but I went against my gut on a few decisions because of them and it ended poorly for me. So now I just follow my intuition.

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