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    Let’s see:

    -Never date/sleep with twins again (I’ve done it with two different sets of twins)
    -Never allow myself to be pressured/bullied/cajoled into marriage again
    -Never allow a family member to guilt trip me into something that I don’t want to do, and cut off contact if needed (especially on my father’s side).
    -Never wear spandex pants again (no matter how good I may look in them)
    -Never go years without seeing a dentist

    I’ve got more, but that’s a good start.

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    @kerrycontrary: I’ve tried the Dr. Dennis tan towels and the results weren’t pretty. I would probably try the Tan Towel brand if I didn’t have to pay for it (if I got a free sample or something) and if I didn’t have an important event coming up. So maybe one day. We’ll see.

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    avatarAddie Pray

    HEY YOU GUYZ, remember that time Wendy’s sent out a newsletter about mistakes and I was comment of the week? That was pretty sweet.

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    AP, I have no idea what you’re talking about… Care to fill me in??


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    akchic; Twins? That actually sounds pretty cool!

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    Cara – you’d think so, but not really. And I’m not talking the porn fantasy of twins together in a threesome. I’m talking casual sex with them at different times.
    The brother/sister set were okay with it because they realized that each of them had something different to offer (yeah, I dated both of them for a while), but it was still awkward when I started dating the sister after the brother and I stopped dating.

    The twin brothers? Oh Goddess, talk about sibling rivalry and competition. I didn’t date either of them, we were just friends. One was my closest friend (at the time) and the other just wanted the sex. The older one and I had our fun and he moved on but got PISSED when the younger (my friend) and I had a drunken hook-up and then decided FWB was an option. Drama was the older’s middle name, I swear.

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    Someone else already said it… but sleeping with someone because I want them to like me. I can’t even tell you how many times I did it in the past… why oh why did it take me so long to learn? Anyway, I hope that my current relationship lasts forever, so hopefully I won’t find myself in that sort of situation again.

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    avatarKate B.

    Grabbing a hot cast iron skillet without a pot holder.

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