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Mother in law forgot my birthday

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    I have been with my partner for 8 years. Mother in law usually sends a card, sometimes a gift. Sometimes no gift.

    This year she forgot and I didn’t get a phone call or a text.
    I feel kinda hurt by this. I’ve always made an effort on her birthday every year since her son and I got into a relationship.
    I’ve also always felt that she was never really bothered by me in general until very recently, maybe that’s why I feel so hurt by this.

    Should I be offended?

    Also, my parents always make an effort on my partner’s birthday and make a big fuss over him so maybe I am comparing my family to his.

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    Also, I should add that she usually passes a card to my partner to give to me. She doesn’t come see me or call me

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    There’s A LOT going on right now. I have forgotten many a birthday in my day. I would let this go gracefully.

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    Maybe she simply forgot. This pandemic situation is a heavy burden for everybody. It is a tiny offense… Just forget it yourself, and continue your tradition to offer her a card and a gift with your husband at her birthday. Frankly, be happy to have such minor problems and happy birthday!

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    And some people… just aren’t that into birthdays.

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    No, you shouldn’t be offended. Assume she forgot.

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    Look: Her remembering or forgetting your birthday actually isn’t about you. It’s about her being a caring person who likes to do nice things on birthdays. And it looks like this year, she forgot. There’s a lot going on. It’s hard to focus. You should let this go and not take it personally.

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    So, trying not to be snarky, but after your 21st birthday, no one cares about adults’ birthdays.

    Maybe your partner should remember, but that’s about it.

    Sh*ts been wild the last year, forgive her for her oversight. Her mental energy has probably been consumed by other things, and she’s probably lost a good sense of time, like all the rest of us.

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    Also – I realize your family is one that makes a big deal out of birthdays, but I wouldn’t say that’s typical or should be the blanket expectation.

    My own mother – who pushed me out of her own body – pretty much just gives me a call on my birthday to mark the occasion. No presents, no cards, no big to-do. Not since I became an independent adult.

    My husband will remember and usually does something nice, but we’re still talking like planning a nice dinner or something.

    At a certain point, birthdays don’t really matter to most people anymore. Unless maybe it’s a particularly momentous one, like a 30th, 40th, 50th, etc.

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    She’s probably been staying in and not going to card shops and lots of people she normally would have sent cards to this year haven’t got one.TBH I’d rather people I knew just went out for absolute essentials, lots of things people normally do have gone by the board this year, I’d definitely not take it at all personally.She probably used to enjoy going out and getting cards for people, that’s not been much fun for anyone lately. Have a nice zoom call or something maybe if you are still worried about how she feels about you. To lots of people birthdays are no big deal, so it’s unlikely a sign of anything amiss.

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    avatarBess Marvin

    Where I live, pandemic restrictions mean you can only buy certain items deemed “essential” in stores, and greeting cards are not considered essential items so you can’t buy cards in person, only online or curbside pickup. I totally would not expect my mother-in-law (or anyone really, including my husband) to go to the trouble and expense of ordering me a birthday card online.

    Anyway I realize that’s probably not the situation where MIL is, but I agree with everyone that a) birthdays are not necessarily big deals for everyone; and b) in pandemic times they are even less remarkable for almost everyone, I’d imagine, and therefore easier to forget, so OP should just let it go.

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    You need to reframe the birthday thing in your mind. Think of any birthday card or gift you receive as an adult to be a lovely bonus, not an expectation. Do you enjoy giving cards or gifts? If so, keep doing it! But if you find the chore burdensome yourself- let it go. You’ll find most adults don’t care.

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