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    I’m moving. I’m getting rid of as much stuff as possible. I’m moving from the NE to the South. I’m not excited, but I’m not dreading it. Stuff I’ve done so far:

    1. Started the great purge. I keep going through my stuff and tossing stuff I haven’t used or don’t expect to need. I sent two boxes of craft stuff to a niece. Toted books to the library. Walk around the place like I’m Madeline Khan planning her orgy in “History of the World Part I”: no, no, no, no, yes. No, no, yes, no, no.

    2. I’ve contacted a thrift org for furniture & stuff donations. I have a pickup scheduled in January. They won’t take much furniture but they’ll evaluate some of what I have, hopefully take it and will take housewares, purses and clothing.

    4. Found Kaiyo who will evaluate and take the furniture that the thrift places won’t take. They sell it online. They have a $70 guarantee to take the stuff even if it doesn’t sell. Honestly, I don’t even care if the scam me, I want them to make the couch and the bed gone. But if anyone has used them, would like to hear your story.

    3. Started getting estimates for movers (this is where I need the most help) – any recommendations for long haul moving? I need storage as well so it’s a move, store and another move until I find a place. Any language in contracts of which I should be wary or alarmed?

    Shit I won’t be doing:
    1. Craigslist, FB market, rando sales sites. I don’t have the wherewithal for nonsense. I don’t want to deal with humans.

    Any tips and tricks for packing and moving and dealing with the general chaos of moving?

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    We’ve done moving through a couple companies (emerald might have been the name of one, but we were going east-west not north-south) that packed and moved us which was heaven but $$$. We’ve also done pack it yourself and store uhaul pods and that is probably one of the cheaper ways to move AND store until you have your place ready and can unpack. I don’t think we had any damage or anything stolen.

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    I have also done the U-Box (Uhaul pod) thing and overall would recommend it. One pod fit most of my one-bedroom apartment, including furniture. The cost included storage, which I needed/wanted for the month I was in a sublease. I can no longer remember the specifics of what happened, but they couldn’t find my pod on the day my stuff was supposed to be delivered — like, they showed up to my place with a pod, opened it, and it was empty and we realized a mistake had been made somewhere along the lines. Everything was eventually resolved, but I did have to live the air mattress life a week or two longer than planned. I’d still recommend it anyway!

    Oh, and — and I know you said you don’t want to do this, but figured I’d mention it anyway — I’ve had great luck with FB Marketplace lately. We’ve quickly found buyers for all items we want to sell, even turning a small profit on a couple things.

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    I don’t know if I can do PODs. I live on a busy NYC street, but I’ll investigate. If they can bring and load the POD in one day and then go away, that’s fine. But it can’t sit outside my building like you could in a suburb. I can’t load that thing myself and I don’t want to deal with two companies (POD and movers) on the same day.

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    I haven’t done a long, cross state move in, my gosh, 13 years. I remember I went w/ a cheaper option. It was a little dicey… they didn’t show up when they said they would. I think I had to report them and find another company. It was not a great experience. I was younger, didn’t have a lot of $, etc.

    So I guess what I’m saying is I’d check to make sure whatever you use is reputable and if it costs a little more, so be it. It’s worth it.

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    I would just pay for the movers to do a “pack & prep” where they wrap up all your shit and pack it in boxes for you. I’m not messing with that.

    The company we always use is Gentle Giant, but I think it might only be in MA? They will store your stuff too.

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    Looks like they do long distance moves.


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    If you use a national moving company, it’s one-stop shopping they will take care of everything. The local branch at the old location will pack everything up and take it to storage at the new location. When you have a new residence, the local branch at the new location will move everything into your new residence.

    I lived in an extended-stay hotel for a while before finding a more “permanent” residence. (Well, nothing is truly permanent until you go to that final resting place – at which point it’s somebody else’s problem to get you moved in…) I was able to pack what I needed into my automobile to satisfy my extended-stay-hotel requirements.

    The bigger names in national moving will be more comprehensive and have everything insured, but are likely more expensive. I am sure there are some smaller companies out there that are gems, but I have no experience.

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    Can’t speak for all companies or I suppose even more recent experiences with UHaul, but the fee I paid for the U-Box also included loading and unloading services. The two guys who loaded up my U-Box were super efficient. I don’t think it took longer than a couple hours to pack my life up into that thing and they’d packed up enough pods that they knew how to maximize space within. I was truly surprised how much fit inside. They hauled it away when they were done. The items left behind were the ones I used to set up my sublease to be livable for the month that I was between more permanent living situations, so those came with me in the car.

    Two other things I thought of:
    – I think it’s best to schedule the first time slot of the day for movers. In my experience, afternoon movers are always late if they’re coming from another job.
    – When the BF and I moved in together, we picked a moving company that his realtor recommended and that had great reviews online. Our overall experience was good. BUT. For holding themselves out as movers who would wrap up our more delicate/bulky items for us (e.g., mirrors, art, etc.), I was surprised by how little care they seemed to take in doing so. Had I known, I would’ve done it all myself ahead of time. Nothing was broken or damaged, but I did worry a little about a couple specific items (items that had been passed down from my mom that I know she holds dear that she reminded me pre-move to handle with care). I assume I’ll move again eventually and will prep that for being moved myself when I do.

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    I agree with paying movers for a pre-pack and prep but only because I’m on my 7th or so interstate move in 8 years and it’s killing me lol.

    Otherwise the best thing you can do is get as much done before the day as possible. Group similar items in rooms so you have the right boxes or packing materials nearby. Small, sealable sandwich bags are your friend for keeping small screws or components together and they tape to the main part easily. Invest in a tape gun, it makes life SO much easier. If it’s a store and move, which is what we do every time, you’ve got to be really careful of what you pack in together since items can expand, contract, freeze, melt, explode, all sorts of things.

    Also if you have time go around and take some film/photos of your valuable stuff so if it does arrive damaged you have a record of what it looked like before.

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    If you are having people to come and pack for you, then make sure you keep anything you want to keep with you out of the house when they’re there. Even when I though I’d been clear about leaving certain items or boxes, it has still been wrapped up and taken away. Having to go out and buy a new tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, underwear and bedding for the week I was still there was particularly annoying! I’ve also opened boxes at the other end which contained my rubbish bins, complete with rubbish still in them.

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    Another plug for Gentle Giant, they are SO polite and respectful and will do anything you ask. Moving really super stresses me out because I don’t like things being disorganized and disrupted, and they don’t bat an eye when I act crazy. My parents use them too now since my husband turned them onto it, and my mom is wack.

    They’ll just come over and move all your furniture around if that’s what you want. The company was started by a rower, so a lot of rowers work there, and they RUN the entire time. Not just hustle but literally run.

    My husband was the sales manager there a long time ago but that’s not why we still use them, they’re really the best.

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