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“My Boyfriend Ended Our Relationship Because I Have a Daughter”

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    Ignore him. Block all ways of communication & start the grieving process. His words are just that, his actions are to hurt you. You need to protect yourself and your innocent daughter. There is someone else out there who isn’t so complicated.

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    I don’t think that he’s insincere. He probably does feel bad and probably does miss your daughter. But this kind of relationship where he’s not interested in being with you but kind of keeps popping back to assuage his feelings is poisonous for you. You need to cut off contact and keep strict separation.

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    Keep your child away from someone who has told you outright he cannot love your child as he should if he wants to be in her life. I don’t doubt he misses you. But who cares? Protect your kid from future heartbreak.

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    Leslie Joan

    Yeah, you DON’T deserve this – and he probably DOES still love you, but that’s not going to change his conflicted feelings. So now what he’s doing is asking YOU to make him feel better because he feels conflicted. That’s not your responsibility. And since you DON’T deserve this, you need to protect yourself and your daughter from his weakness. His conflicts are his problem and for him to be expecting you to make him feel better while he twists the knife around in your back is really too much. Sure, he loves you. And he enjoys your daughter. But that’s not enough for him, and it’s nothing that you can change. And it’s not your job to make him feel better about it. I’m not saying you should be angry at him or blaming – he feels what he feels – but you don’t need to let him drag your emotions around any further. Don’t let him talk to your daughter, and you don’t need to talk with him either.

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    WES. Go no contact and move on. Letting him talk to you and your daughter is going to prolong the pain. Make a clean break. He fooled himself that he could handle a woman with a child, and he can’t. Take him for his word and don’t let you or your daughter hurt longer than you need to.

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    My thoughts are that your daughter is a great reason to end the relationship but it’s the actual or only one.

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    Don’t let him see her. You shouldn’t be talking with him, either. He doesn’t want to date you, and it’s time to move on. It stinks, it hurts, but that doesn’t make it less true or good for her to be involved in what is becoming DRAMA.

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    His wanting to see your daughter sounds like another way to keep you on the hook. He probably misses her, but he’s told you how he truly feels, so believe him and protect your daughter and yourself from this yo-yo relationship.

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