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Dear Wendy

My boyfriend is going through a divorce..

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    What actions did you take?

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    I’d hazard a guess. But why be labeled “mean. 😆

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    This sounds exactly like the spiel my super duper ex used to give his current obsession.(while we were as far as I knew totally together) Tell him you’ll see him when he is properly single.

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    Sorry kiddo but there is nothing cloudy about this. You are in the middle of the cloud. We’re not. Seriously, you gave us the whole landscape and we can see the whole picture: What he says to you – what he says about his wife – what he did to start dating while completely married and what his priorities are.

    His priorities aren’t you. They aren’t his wife. They are all about him. He’s making choices (to get married, to not get divorced, to start an extra marital affair, to move back in with his wife) that serve his purpose. You are in the picture because it was easier for him to simply start dating someone else than do the hard work to separate from his wife. You’re now out of the picture (or at least half out) because it’s more beneficial for him to live with his wife than not otherwise he’d pull in less money.

    You can do better.

Viewing 4 posts - 37 through 40 (of 40 total)
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