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“My Boyfriend’s Too Close with His Brother’s Girlfriend”

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    So sorry you’re going through this. When reading what you wrote nothing alarmed me until you said your boyfriend talks crap about her. My ex did the same exact thing about his female roommate. Turns out they were sexually attracted to each other because I found out they hooked up. And they are now in a relationship (kind of, long story).
    What else alarmed me is that your boyfriend gets extremely defensive when you confronted him. My ex would do the same exact thing whenever I brought up my insecurities.

    These type of men are very manipulative. The relationship can be very addicting and there is always some kind of abuse, verbal or physical or both. I was with my ex for 10 years and was cheated on multiple times. Soon you may go back into denial and just think you were overreacting or being too crazy. I did it every time.

    IF I learned anything from my previous relationship, it is that when I sensed something was wrong I was right 99.9% of the time.

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    You should feel as if you are first priority, always. He’s is disrespecting you by staring at her all the time. Him calling you insecure is him GASLIGHTING YOU. Look it up. The chemistry they have is completely inappropriate and she shouldn’t be disrespecting you by throwing herself on his bed. She likes the attention obviously and it is just plain inappropriate and disrespectful. He sounds like a child to be honest. If he cant love you properly…kick him to the curb.

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    I’m experiencing a lot of the same. The brothers gf in my case has been awful since the second day I saw her. She came to an event for me that i didn’t even want and used it to get close to everyone. She never spoke to me she actually purposely excluded me from all her conversations and shot me dirty looks. On my boyfriends birthday she relentlessly knocked on the door of our room until we’d open it so she could see him and give him her gift and desserts which to her are so much better. Sad that a woman can have so little decency and consideration for another woman. Even when we said I was giving him what I bought him and he wanted to read my card she persisted to break it up. Continual events like this didn’t wake up my boyfriend they made him fascinated with the girl. I’ve seen my bfs brother catch my bfs gaze and hyper attentiveness towards his gf and look furious only once but i don’t know why it’s not more of a problem to him. The other couple both has a disturbing obsession with being the center of attention or whatever so maybe it doesn’t matter to them who they hurt.

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    I experienced all of it tho not in person just ldr but my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend is like looking fora attention she would interrupt us and they always giggle at each other when they talk.

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