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My ex is so confusing!

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    Hey girl. Im going through the exact same situation right now in every aspect, so believe me i know how hard it is especially when you still see the very good in someone that you love dearly.
    Its so confusing for us, to watch them switch up so quickly. The fact of the matter is he is treating you like an option because your feelings are making you so avaialble to him. Your human and you love him, so there is nothing wrong with that. Coming from someone that genuinly does suffer with anxiety, if his anxiety was really that much of an issue, he wouldnt be out here doing what he is currently doing, that im afraid is an excuse!
    Please find the strenght to cut him off, sleeping with him regulary and pillow talk will not win him back. Allow him to miss you. Maybe that will bring him back to you but i hope at that point, you would have realised you deserve better. We both do! xxx

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    He’s been using you for sex but he didn’t want to mess up his camping trip by texting with you while his girlfriend is with him. She probably doesn’t know he is having sex with you. You have become the other woman. He’s cheating on her with you. That says a tremendous amount about his character. If he will cheat on her with you he would cheat on you if the two of you were together. He may have cheated on your for a while if he broke up with you and then got together with her immediately. I don’t know if that happened or not but I do know you deserve so much more than a guy who cheats. He will probably contact you when he gets back from camping. He’ll want the easy sex and he’ll come up with some excuse which he assumes you will accept. Don’t accept. It’s time for you to block him. You will never get over him and move on to someone better until you remove him from your life. At first it will hurt and then it will be easier and then you won’t want him and at some point you will be glad he is gone from your life. You will especially be glad that he is gone from your life when you meet someone who is much better. He isn’t a good person and he definitely isn’t good for you. You are better than him so don’t stoop to his level. Don’t be his affair.

Viewing 2 posts - 13 through 14 (of 14 total)
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