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My ex is stalking me

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    My ex boyfriend stalks me not only on social media, but also will drive by my house at night….and multiple times a day. He has tried to come inside of my house and fought with me pretty much every week about it and when I tell him to stop coming by he just does it more. He doesn’t scare me but he acts different almost like he is a different person from who I knew him as and he also harassed anyone else who will comment on my pictures or basically give me any attention.

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    Have you blocked him on social media and made your accounts private? If not, you need to.

    And you should block his number, block him from all ways of contacting you, and never ever respond.

    If he’s coming by your house, you should report it to the police.

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    Go to the police. Stalking is a crime.

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    Block him on all social media and be highly suspicious of any “new” follows that come your direction, as he’ll probably make catfish accounts to keep tabs. I would suggest going totally private as much as possible.

    You probably should report to the police, but I would steel myself for a shrug and a “what do you want us to do about it?”. But I’m a cynic, especially when it comes to the police.

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    Block him on everything and report this to the police. Also, get bear mace and just mace his ass if he comes on your property.

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