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My Fiances brother is dating my fiances ex girlfriend

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    I mean, aside from youthful skinny dipping and whatnot the life of a woman is generally a life where a bunch of people poke around in your nethers for various reasons. I haven’t even had kids and I’ve had more doctors up in there than a hospital cafeteria.

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    Yea, im with @Northernstar. Regardless of OP reasons for not liking this ex she doesnt have to have her in her wedding party regardless of any reason why but unless OP wants to knock off a bridesmaid and a groomsmen then maybe she has a way out. I do sympathize because weddings are overwhelming and no one knows if this ex will ever be married in the family one day but that doesnt matter because I wouldnt want my special moments caught on film with my ex husbands girlfriend that I didnt like. She can feel anyway she wants about her and shouldnt have felt forced to have her in her wedding. Knock a bridesmaid and groomsmen off and give a good excuse.

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    No way she can kick her out without causing Ww3. Fiancé is already annoyed with it. My guess is the wedding wouldn’t happen.

    Oh and BGM 😉

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    Oh good grief this burrito bowl I’ve been making myself this week for lunch. So good. Oddly got the idea (not that it’s an original idea) from some random thing I saw online from Vinnie from Jersey Shore. He apparently is all Keto now and it just reminded me “oh duh I can eat that in a healthy way”. I actually love chicken and broccoli so I can and do eat that a lot, which is great for eating well, but I was growing tired this week and needed something more interesting. I always have cooked chicken breasts in the fridge so easy as pie.

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    To me, LW, it sounds like you simply dislike your fiance’s ex/your future BIL’s girlfriend. It doesn’t sound like she’s trying to sabotage you/fiance’s relationship nor does it sound like she’s actively trying to get involved in your wedding. It’s odd to me that your in-laws are trying to force a girlfriend (not a wife) of a groomsman into a wedding but if it’s their money they can call the shots as ridiculous as said shots can be. May I suggest eloping like my husband and I did to bypass all the family politics and logistical and financial woes?

    But before marrying your fiance, please sort out why you hate his brother’s girlfriend so much… it’s not a slight against you that she’s super young and trying to be social media famous. It’s unfair to her to hold so much resentment against her and it’s not good for YOU to despise someone for seemingly no good reason.

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    If you didn’t have the balls to say NO when “pressured” to put her in your wedding party, then suck it up. I think your anger at her is probably really anger at yourself for not saying no when you had the chance.

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    Backing out now will just cause everyone grief, and be awkward for you in the meantime.It’s too late. Just focus on your other bridesmaids, and be perfectly nice to her. If it cheers you up any, at least you know she can’t turn up in a show-stopping upstage the bride type outfit if she’s a bridesmaid.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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