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Dear Wendy

My girlfriend is tired and broke up with me

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    Sorry for my behavior and for what i did for now I’ll do my best to be a better person.

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    It sounds like you pushed her very hard to be more physical than she is willing to be at this time. She’s done with that. It sounds like she told you what she is uncomfortable with and how she would like to spend the time the two of you are together, but you basically ignored her wishes. You used the threat of break up to get your way, knowing that she really liked you. Now she’s done. You can’t undo the bad treatment. MOA — she already has.

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    learn from this. If someone is reluctant, just stop. Wait for them to initiate so you know they are comfortable with it.And if every time they do what you want, you take that as an opportunity to push for more, you are pretty much conditioning them to fear being physical with you in any way at all.

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    First, learn punctuation and use it.

    Secondly, I’m sorry you’re hurting, but you were not a good boyfriend. You didn’t care if your girlfriend was uncomfortable as long as you got yours. She told you she didn’t like it. You pushed her. She regretted it. You threatened to break up. It doesn’t matter that she occasionally, sort of liked it. You basically forced her to be intimate. That’s a problem.

    If someone tells you they don’t want to do something, STOP. I’m glad she broke up with you before you forced her to have sex.

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    What you have been doing is coercive sexual abuse. You knew she didn’t want to do these things yet you pushed. You clearly do not care how your girlfriend feels and to be brutally honest i’m pleased she has left you.

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    This is a pretty horrifying admission of coercive sexual abuse, as Martin said. Your girlfriend did exactly the right thing, and I hope she’s a lot happier now. She’s certainly better off.

    Right now you really shouldn’t be pursuing any kind of relationship. You need robust therapy to address your behaviour before you go near another woman – at this stage you’re lucky you escaped a sexual assault charge; please don’t put another woman through this awful travesty of a ‘relationship’ever again.

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    *Katrin – bloody autocorrect

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    She left because you treated her badly, and she was right to leave you. You selfishly pushed her to do things she wasn’t comfortable with. The breakup threats were childish and manipulative. You were a terrible boyfriend.

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    Yeah, she’s tired of your bullshit. And you’re surprised by this? You pushed and pushed and threatened and coerced her, and she did the exact right thing and got rid of you from her life. Show some respect now and leave her alone. Continue to show respect to women and maybe you’ll be able to have healthy, mutually beneficial relationships in the future. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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    You were a horribly abusive boyfriend. You manipulated her with breakup threats. You pushed her to be more physically active than she wanted to be to the point where she was crying while you did what you wanted. That’s assault.

    Please get help. You need to treat women a lot better. You need to listen to what they tell you and not push for more than they are comfortable with. You should have enthusiastic consent before you start touching anyone.

    I’m glad she was strong enough to dump you and move on. Start respecting her and leave her alone. You don’t deserve anything else.

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    Yikes. Leave her alone. She didn’t want to be so physical with her and you pressured her. Now she’s realizing that she’s not happy with that.

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