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    “Life is not a trivial pursuit game.”

    Nobody said that explicitly. Your prior post suggested that you found it extremely and odd that a husband and wife wouldn’t discuss this and know the answer about each other. I guess this was just my way of saying that I don’t find it odd at all. Perhaps it’s that we’ve been married so long, but we never talked about this when we were just dating or first married either.

    I like Leslie Joan’s comment. What’s your favorite….? just isn’t an easily answered or to us an especially meaningful question or conversation. My wife and I have always talked about how wonderful a particular assemblage of colors and hues of early leafing/flowering spring trees look, she’ll always call me outside if she spots a rainbow, we can discuss the detailed specifics of the combination of color and pattern on a particular new flower for a good fifteen minutes, but ‘what is your favorite?’ just wasn’t interesting. I did ask her what her favorite color was yesterday and she said blue after a little thought, but also told me she found in an odd question.

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    You wrote that, Ron. And knowing your wife’s preferred shade of blue has nothing to do with Trivial Pursuit, either. Thanks for playing.

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    Even for me, this has gotten ridiculous!

Viewing 3 posts - 169 through 171 (of 171 total)
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