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My partner of 6 months hasn’t introduced me to his adult daughters

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    I have been dating this man for 6 months now. It is going well. I have met a lot of his friends and he has I introduced me to them as his girlfriend which I have been told is something this man really hasn’t done with past relationships. Bit of background… I have known him for over 3 years due to work. It kind of just happened that we got together. He always chased me here and there but I thought s friend situation was better and also I had 2 relationships to navigate thru in that 3 year period. Now he is a very selfless person. He still looks after his ex partner financially which is very lucky for her and I respect their relationship as they have kids together. It’s not a problem for me. I did meet her a couple of years ago when he brought her to my work. As i Said he looks after her. Long Story but I learned later that she felt uncomfortable at my work. I sense that she doesn’t like women in her eyes life . She comes across as insecure and jealous and maybe sees other women as treat to her well being. As they have the daughter together they celebrate the kids milestone’s Christmas birthday etc. I do respect that as I have the same scenario with my ex and my daughters. Now he has met my daughters very briefly couple of months back. Main reason is I am extremely close to them . They go thru their relationship issues and we talk about it. It’s easier for them to know where I am on s particular weekend when I am at my partners place. And not many questions asked. They are ver curious lol. I have touched the subject couple of months ago as I was at his place and one of his daughters was coming by to pick something up and he went downstairs instead of her coming into the apartment. So I knew he was avoiding her meeting me. I asked him about it and he said he had a bad experience in the past with another partner and he wants to make sure its right next time he introduces someone to them. I understand that and it makes sense. I like to mention that health wise he has some issues atm. I am letting him know I am there for him as he like to navigate thru issues in his own way. I know he really likes me. We have had emotional situations, he even cried with me. I know this is huge for a man to show such vulnerability. Would you be ok with this situation? His kids are adults. If our relationship goes further for years o would like his daughters to know I am there for their dad. I don’t want to be a misters woman forever. I think his daughters will take it fine. His ex I am not sure but that doesn’t matter as my relationship isn’t with her. Oh I like to mention they haven’t been together for 12 years and there is nothing more going on between them. Thanks for reading

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    I think six months is still reasonable. Have you had a talk with him about the timelines for meeting his daughters? Has he been open to it happening in the future?

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    Just a thought, but could part of the problem also be that he is scared that his daughter might tell their mother? Not to say that there is anything going on, but since he currently has health problems, he might just not have the mental energy to deal with any strange behavior that might come from her. That said, him having a bad experience in the past is a good enough reason on its own.

    Having a talk about time frames with him is not a bad idea, though.

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    Yeah, there may be many reasons why he’s holding off. They could have been really rude and mean to his last gf and he doesn’t wan5 to deal with it, you will not know why until you talk to him about it and ask.

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