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    I just do not like why do we exists Christian Right geared advice showing up here. It’s unnerving. We’re a site of many women, it’s almost insulting to have a man of “the cloth” come in and tell us we’re all not pure whenever a man write in about his stress over the purity of the woman he is with or interested in.

    Ron, you know I appreciate you, right? None of that was meant for you other than I couldn’t believe it took you pointing out that sentence for me to see it.

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    Anonymousse — Thanks for clarification. No problem.

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    I’m sorry if what I said in this instance had that effect. Please know I don’t hold the very stringent views on purity it is felt were expressed. I understand the church has a very sketchy history (understatement, I am aware) when it comes to this and it is something we need to own up to. Our doctrines need to change because they are harmful. I understand this.

    That said my point was that OP has no right to judge his wife’s past in the first place. Which once you remove the NT history lesson which was thrown in is more ore less the same advice I have read others give. If I am misinterpreting this please say so, because maybe my radar may be completely off here. I don’t know.

    As to there being a pattern, I don’t think there is one, to be honest, I have disengaged from this site for the most part as I was aware I was upsetting people (due to me being overly defensive, my problem, not yours). I know go days without even checking it and I don’t normally comment. I think whatever pattern there is purely coincidental, it certainly isn’t intentional and I am honestly not pushing an agenda.

    As I already stated earlier this week. I will engage even less in future. I am only commenting now in response. Please know there is no harm intented on my part. Go well.

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    Don’t reply to this.

    You’re doing it again. You already said on this post you were going to engage even less. You already made your points. You said you understood you upset people by being overly defensive. But you just came back and made another post justifying yourself. Just stop now.

    For the record, I think what people didn’t like was your misogyny, more so than your defensiveness. You’re welcome to engage on here if you will stop framing everything in a Christian context (a minority of the world is Christian, and this site even less so). And if you do post about some woman needing you to insert yourself and speak up on her behalf, and you get advice about it, just take the advice and don’t compulsively argue. If you can’t do those things, there are obviously other websites.

Viewing 4 posts - 25 through 28 (of 28 total)
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