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    I just moved into a new area for school and recently picked up a new job. I met this girl at work and we’ve had a few conversations here and there and I wanna say she’s interested in me based on the signs and I thinks shes cute. She gave me her number and we’ve been texting back forth to where she agreed to go on a date with me to show me around sometime soon.

    My only concern is our age difference. First off, I just turned 25 but I don’t look my age at all. I have a sort of babyface and I almost always get mistaken as being 19-22. As for her, I thought she was older like somewhere around my age but a co-worker of mine recently told me that shes actually 18 and its true. I feel a bit awkward about the 7 year difference, but if she doesn’t think its weird then I’m fine with it. She doesn’t know how old I am yet but I think shes assuming I’m younger. If we go out, I’m not sure how to approach this, like should I bring it up or wait until she asks? I know the question is gonna come up eventually but I’m not sure what to do when the situation comes up.

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    Just because 18 to 24 involves a lot of change and and 18 she is still nearly a child, you really should tell her in advance. It’s not super huge age difference but I can’t imagine it going far. She just is going to be far more immature and my guess is you won’t find as much in common as you think. I do have some personal feelings about her being so young, as in she is barely even legal and it’s a bit off for an adult to want to date a “child’s but that’s my opinion.

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    I think dating someone from work is a bad idea. I also think dating someone so much younger, when she is still so young is also probably not a great idea. It really doesn’t matter that you look younger, or that you pegged her as older.

    You can hang out as friends, but I wouldn’t pursue anything beyond that.

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    Yeah, she is wayyyy too young and coupled with the whole coworker issue, this is simply a very very bad idea.

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